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1/24/10 02:40 pm - mischief_mutt - Hello everyone!

I don't know how many of you actually visit here anymore, or if anyone actually will.  After 5 years I imagine this place is long forgotten.  I myself only stumbled on it recently after trying to check on one of my greatestjournal accounts and noticing the site no longer exists (pouts).  I came to livejournal wondering if it met the same fate and was suddenly reminded of our old rp community.  Took me a long time to remember the name though  lol and I wasn't sure if it even was still around anymore.  But, apparently, it's still here!  ^_^

And god, what an awful lot of memories it was to stumble upon this place again.  Reading all of the old rps, the old stories and plots... rather nostalgic  lol  I wasn't here for a good bit before my own Shigure made his presence substantial, but I used to read the old posts you guys did before then, so much fun!  ::giggle::  Then after joining you guys... it was great making the friendships we had back then.

If anyone stumbles onto this post, I just wanted to know how have you all been?  And sorry we all lost touch after a while, it was a crazy year for all of us I imagine.  I know it was for me.  I hope you guys have been well, and life has taken you down many fantastic roads and wonderful journies.  If anyone is interested, I would love to get in touch with you guys again.  I won't post it here, as this is a very public post, but I do have a few IM accounts as well as an email.  Comment or throw a message at me here and I'll make sure to return it.  ^^  I have this post tracked so will know if anyone replies.

If anyone does pass by here again someday, but aren't interested anymore, please don't feel obligated.  It's been 5 years, I understand!  Just wanted to see if any of the crew (Blue, Kage, Xia, Aya, Tohru, etc etc) were still around and what you have been up to if so.  ^_^  Miss a lot of you guys!  Even if we weren't together for very long.

Hope to hear from you!
Foxy  (aka FireFox Feather, Shigure, Kureno)

Note:  I don't have my own livejournal account, otherwise I would have posted here with it.  ^^  But finally remembered my old sign in for Gure's RP account, and figured it only fitting if the post came from it.  ^_^

I also hope you don't mind... I don't know how many of you actually still use your livejournal accounts, but I made a small comment to them anyway (the ones I could).  Just in case.  ^_^  Like in the spirit of Gure - Dive in head first and think of the consequences (good or bad) later!  lol

3/7/06 10:16 pm - passionateanime - Furuba RPG Community


10/4/05 11:01 pm - angry_orange

Who: Yuki, Kyo, Akito, Kureno, Shigure, Tohru
Where: Main House, Shigure's house
When: After the last one...
What: Kissing, XD
Pages: 16

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10/4/05 04:53 pm - silent_yuki

Who: Shigure, Akito, Hatori, Yuki, Kyo
What: A visit, new information
Where: Shigure's
When: A few days after last rp (Shigure/Akito)

Fall Festival here we go!Collapse )

9/29/05 09:58 pm - embitteredakito - A New Beginning

((OOC: Foxy and I were exceedingly bored so we did a short rp with Akito and Shigure. New stuff since everyone agreed to start from scratch. We were also thinking that maybe we should try to make the large group rps shorter since people have a hard time being online at the same time. Maybe we could only do them on weekends since people have more free time? Just a suggestion. Feel free to smite me if you don't like it ^_^))

What: Deviousness
Who: Shigure and Akito
When: Er... sometime... afternoon...
Rating: PG-13 for some sensuality and implications
Pages: 3 1/2

Mind Games Are FunCollapse )

9/18/05 06:04 pm - silent_yuki

QUICK NOTE: LAST RP in last storyline. Everything from Akito on up is started over from scratch and new! ^_^ That is all.

Who: Akito, Hana, Megumi, Uo, Shigure, Kureno, Kyo, Tohru, Kagura, Yuki
What: More angst, revelations, slight violence...a discovery.
Where: Main house, Shigure's, Hana's
When: Day after last rp

((ooc: Again, sorry, I forgot to post it. ^^;;))

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9/18/05 05:59 pm - silent_yuki

Who: Akito and Yuki
What: An offer
When: After an unrped visit with Kyo, the next couple days or so.
Where: Main House

((ooc: *is embarrassed* Uh yeah, this and the next was rped a while ago but...um...I kinda forgot about posting it again. ^^;; *grovels* I'm sorry! lol So I'm catching up. ^_^ The beginning starts out where Yuki's coming back from Kyo's cage, and it wasn't rped so you're not missing out on anything. ^^ Sorry if it's confusing...))

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9/5/05 03:05 am - angry_orange

Who: Kyo, Yuki, Kureno, Shigure, Akito, Tohru, Kagura
When: After the last one
Where: Main House, Hospital, Shigure's
What: Angst, futile reassurances, exhaustion
Pages: 26

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9/4/05 09:19 pm - silent_yuki

Part 3Collapse )

9/4/05 09:19 pm - silent_yuki

Part 2Collapse )
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