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Yuki Sohma

Akito: Gain? This isn't about gain. It's the way it's always been. Every cat before him has been locked up just as every head has died. It's the way things have always been and will always be.

Hatori: I'm sure I don't know.

Tohru: But Akito, everyone is working so that you can be cured. We're going to break the curse. Don't you think it's time to stop locking up the cat as well?

Shigure: *tilts his head calmly* To which question?

Akito: Shut up! Stop questioning me! *shoves her away from him*

Kyo: *steps towards him* Don't push her!!!

Hatori: Both.

Tohru: *stumbles backwards* A-Akito?

Shigure: *smirks* You don't know why you were worried? *smirk fades* I've only seen that look on you once before... *looks away*

Hatori: *glances down, having a notion as to what he's referring to* *stays quiet*

Ayame: *gasps dramatically* Have you had a falling out with Kyonkichi? Where is he anyway?

Akito: *turns a glare on Kyo* Silence! You have already stepped over your bounds and I will not tolerate your disrespect any longer!

Yuki: *sighs exasperated, walking ahead of him* I can never talk to you seriously can I? He's at Shishou's alright? Happy? *glares at the ground*

Kyo: I don't give a shit what you'll tolerate!! Tohru doesn't deserve to be pushed around!!!

Kureno: *straightens from the wall quietly, listening outside the door carefully*

Momiji: *still at Shigure's* *wonders where everyone is* Helllooooo!! *yells* Shigure! Yuki! Anyone home?

Tohru: *looks at Kyo and walks over towards him* please, Kyo, calm down...

Akito: *backhands Kyo* Get out or I won't wait until you graduate.

Shigure: I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bring up painful memories.

Tohru: Akito! Please just stop! Kyo, are you alright?? *fusses over him*

Kyo: FINE! *grabs Tohru's hand to lead her out of the place, ignoring her worry*

Hatori: It's fine.

Kureno: *moves completely off the wall and stands in front of the door, blocking it quietly if they should open it*

Tohru: Kyo, please stop. This isn't going to do any good. We have to talk some sense into him.

Kyo: You can't talk sense into a madman, Tohru!

Tohru: He just doesn't understand! Running away isn't going to help. We have to talk to him.

Ayame: You can talk to me seriously little brother! I am here for you, and I vow to listen to your problems and be here as a shoulder for you to lay on. *starry eyes*

Kyo: *exasperated, uncaring that Akito's still there* WHAT doesn't he understand?!

Akito: What I don't understand is why you're talking about me as if I'm not in the room!

Momiji: *continues yelling for people*

Yuki: *glares at the ground more, staying quiet* No I can't. I never could Nii-san. *speeds his pace a little just wanting to get home*

Tohru: *jumps a bit* Gomen, Akito.... But please, please rethink this.

Momiji: *yelling* *yelling* *annoyed* *going hoarse*

Tohru: *sighs* You...you care about your zodiac, don't you Akito?

Akito: *narrows his eyes* Of course.

Kyo: *sneers back at him, answering Tohru* No! He abuses them like they were just toys!! He doesn't care about anything!

Tohru: *takes a deep breath* If you lock Kyo up, it's just going to hurt them Akito.

Akito: *picks up the cup and with a sneer smashes it against the side of kyo's head* You are nothing but dirt!

Ayame: *is about to reply to Yuki when he hears an obnoxious yell* *blinks* Who could that be?

Tohru: Akito! No! *tearing up* Stop doing this... *goes over to Kyo* Kyo, are you ok? *puts a hand to his head*

Kyo: *hisses, staggering back a little and falling to his knees, clutching his head with one hand while the other props him up, his nails digging into the floor mats* *could handle the slaps, having fought Yuki so much, but not this*

Yuki: *shrugs uncaring but walks ahead anyway, coming out of the forest* *sees Momiji* Momiji-kun...what are you doing here?

Akito: Stop defending him! *slaps her*

Momiji: *spins around* Yuki! Thank goodness! *glomps him*

Shigure: *blinks a little, hearing faint shouting* *looks to Hatori* Hatori...?

Tohru: *winces, tears springing to her eyes* Akito, please stop. You-You won't be happy later...when you realize what you've done...

Kyo: *glares up at him at the sound of the slap, his vision swimming wildly* *tries to stand, but falls back to his knees again, head throbbing and feeling blood on his fingers*

Hatori: *frowns deeply* *stands and starts around the porch*

Shigure *pushes from the railing and follows him, even if against his better judgement*

Akito: *grabs her firmly by the arm and leads her to the door* Get out

Kyo: L-leave her alone!! *tries to get to his feet again*

Ayame: What brings you here Momiji-kun? Would you like to witness the bonding of brothers?

Akito: Shut up! *to kyo*

Tohru: *face still hurts from the slap* No, Akito please!

Yuki: *blinks down at his glomp* ........

Kyo: *staggers to his feet, wiping the blood dripping down the side of his face* Let her GO you bastard!!

Akito: I said SHUT UP! *throws open the door and shoves Tohru through it*

Momiji: *lets go* I was coming over to visit and I saw Tohru and Kyo going into Akito's house. I was going to go over too but.... *frowns* Akito's been...weird lately...

Hatori: *goes up to the door and pushes it open, forgoing knocking* *walks down the hall, coming up to Kureno, who's blocking the door*

Kureno: *side-steps the flying Tohru calmly*

Tohru: *flies out the door, crying and holding her arm* Akito...why?

Shigure: *behind him, blinks when Tohru is shoved out the door* Tohru?! Kureno? *looks at Akito*

Hatori: *frowns as he sees Tohru's red and tearful face* Akito, please stop!

Yuki: *blinks again* .....Tohru and Kyo went to see Akito? Why?

Momiji: *shrugs* I don't know. I thought maybe you would.

Yuki: *shakes his head* Last I heard she went to Shishou's...

Kureno: *calmly walks in front of Shigure and Hatori*

Tohru: *stands up, still upset* *sees the others* Shigure...Hatori... *looks back at Akito* ...Why? Why are you doing this Akito?

Hatori: *narrows his eyes at Kureno*

Momiji: I don't know. When I saw them they were just going inside, so I didn't get to ask them.

Kureno: *ignores his look, unmoving*

Kyo: *growls, trying to walk over to them, but his vision is still swimming wildly and his head is pounding*

Akito: *his gaze is heated* Don't come here again. *his eyes snap over to Shigure* You already know you aren't supposed to be here. Get out!

Shigure: *blinks comprehensively, realizing what's happening* ... *puts his hand on Hatori's arm* We were just about to, Akito-sama. *bows his head*

Hatori: Please excuse us. *bows his head also, but his gaze is icy* *turns to leave*

Tohru: *still standing there crying*

Ayame: Well if everybody is at the main house then why don't we go as well! It has been ages since I have seen Tori-san....And then we can find out what is going on! *beams widely* And of course Yuki wants to see Kyonkichi.

Shigure: *looks at Tohru with sadness and regret in his eyes before turning with Hatori to leave*

Akito: *turns to go back into his room. shuts the door firmly behind him without sparring a glance to tohru*

Kyo: *glares at Akito with utter hatred, trying to focus on him*

Tohru: *stands there, unsure of what to do*

Yuki: *doesn't hear Aya, thoughts too crowded in his mind*

Kureno: *turns back around to look at her quietly* You should leave Miss Honda.

Tohru: *monotone, has calmed somewhat* This is my fault.... it's all my fault... and Kyo is still in there with him...

Hatori: *pushes the door open, stepping back out onto the porch* *stands there a moment, memories taking over his mind* *fishes in his pocket for his pack of cigarette's again*

Shigure: *sighs and takes his hand away, grabbing his pack out of his sleeve and handing one to Hatori* Suddenly I feel like one now.

Kureno: *doesn't comment but still watches her*

Akito: *walks over to him. his foot hits something and he looks down momentarily. its the music box. he picks it up and regards it silently*

Tohru: *walks slowly back over to Akito's door and turns the handle*

Hatori: *takes one with a thankful nod, pulling out his own lighter and lighting the cancer stick* *inhales deeply, offering a light to Shigure*

Kyo: *watches him through narrowed eyes, warily* *swipes away more blood that's trickling down his cheek*

Ayame: Yuki? Do you want to go? I brought my car so I can even drive us! *tries to remember if he renewed his license...*

Shigure: *takes the offering gladly and lights his cig, inhaling deeply. leans against the wall, eyes downcast* It's happening again isn't it. *not a question*

Kureno: *sets a hand on her shoulder* *repeats* You should leave.

Akito: *smashes the music box against his head in the same place to knock him out*

Hatori: *nods quietly, exhaling a stream of smoke before taking another long drag*

Yuki: *blinks blankly up at Aya, not having heard his first question* ....? *looks to Momiji*

Tohru: *looks at Kureno* I...I can't. I can't leave Kyo in there alone, he's hurt. And Akito is... I don't know what's wrong with him.... *tears stream down her face silently* But I need to get Kyo home...

Momiji: *shrugs*

Kyo: *staggers a moment, gasping in pain and trying to focus his vision again* *collapses to the floor, vision taking over his vision*

Kureno: *shakes his head calmly* There's nothing you can do for him now Miss Honda.
blackness taking over his vision***

Tohru: *shakes her head* I won't just leave my friend in there. Why did everyone else leave? It doesn't matter. I can't. *turns the handle the rest of the way and opens the door*

Shigure: *winces, just holding his cigarette, staring into the small flame*

Kureno: *sighs and follows her calmly, ready to give Akito assistance if needed*

Akito: *standing over Kyo, music box still in hand*

Tohru: *gasps* Kyo! *rushes over and kneels next to him, checking to make sure he's ok* *looks at Akito* Please Akito, you've done enough.

Hatori: *exhales again before sticking the cigarette in between his lips and leaving it there like before* *leans back against the closed door a little, staring off into nothing*

Akito: *narrows his eyes* You will not give me orders! Kureno! Escort Miss Honda from the complex.

Tohru: No! Please, just let me take Kyo home. Then I'll leave, I promise!

Kyo: *weakly clenches his fist, desperately trying to stay conscious, concentrating on the warm wet that's flowing from the cut made larger by the music box*

Kureno: *nods and starts towards Tohru*

Ayame: *stares at Yuki* If you'd prefer to stay here and have a deep and philosophical discussion with me...THAT IS FINE TOO! *smiles cheerfully and excitedly at him*

Yuki: ...... *blinks* ....... *goes to the car*

Tohru: *trying to get Kyo to stand* C'mon Kyo, it's time to go home...

Akito: *ignores Tohru's pleas*
Akito: Kureno *says firmly*

Kureno: *grabs her arm* Come on Miss Honda, it's time to go.

Ayame: Your trust in my driving is flattering little brother! *goes over to the driver's seat and opens the door* Would you like to accompany us Momiji-kun?

Kyo: *weakly tries to push himself up on his arms*

Tohru: Please, Kyo... Please stand up. *looks at Kureno, pulls her arm back* No, I'm not going without Kyo!

Kureno: *takes her arm again with a little more force behind it* He has to stay, you must leave Miss Honda.

Kyo: *shakes his head a little, a few drops of blood rolling off his face and to the floor* *weakly* Just go.. Tohru...

Tohru: No! Why does he have to stay? Akito is just going to hurt him more! Let him come home. I won't come back and bother you again, I promise!

Kureno: It is his destiny, you can't change that. *pulls her up*

Tohru: *pushes Kureno away as best she can* Why are you doing this? Please, don't. He needs help!

Yuki: *shrugs* *climbs in the backseat* Anything to avoid your "long philosophical talks"

Kureno: *looks at her blankly* Because I have to. *doesn't let go, starting to pull her to the door*

Akito: *ignores them completely and sets the music box on the table*

Tohru: Please, don't do this! Akito, let him come home! Please, I know you aren't like this, Please Akito!

Kureno: *quietly* Come on. *pulls her to the door gently but firm, opening it*

Ayame: *stares at Momiji for a moment before entering the car* You could sit up front with me Yuki! Then we could talk on the way there!

Kyo: *on his hands and knees, head spinning and pounding and blood rolling down the side of his face* Tohru.. just go.. *knows she'll only get hurt if she stays here*

Momiji: *blinks* *gets in the car* *smiles innocently*

Akito: *goes into the bathroom to wash the blood off of his hands though the stain can never be washed from his soul*

Tohru: *cries, but allows herself to be taken from the room*

Yuki: It's alright, I'm comfortable back here... *looks out the window, a little worried*

Akito: *comes back into his room and looks at Kyo with disdain*

Kyo: *closes his eyes tightly against the dizziness and the sight of his own blood hitting the floor* *clenches his fists a little more, trying to find the strength to stand, ignoring the black edging his vision*

Ayame: *starts the car* How do we get to the main house again? *thinks for a moment* Ah, I remember now! *pulls out quickly from Shigure's and zooms towards the main house*

Momiji: Weeeeee!!!!

Yuki: *prays for his life*

Kureno: *takes her gently to the front door where Hatori and Shigure are still standing. Takes her out and looks to the two men* She is not to come back in here. *shuts the door and walks back to Akito's room*

Akito: *looks over when Kureno comes back*

Hatori: *looks at Tohru, taking the cigarette out of his mouth* Are you alright?

Kureno: *bows his head* She'll not come back.

Shigure: *looks sadly at Tohru*

Tohru: *sits down and pulls her knees up to her chin, and hides her face in her arms*

Ayame: *continues driving along, looking in his rear view mirror at Yuki every once in awhile* If you want little brother, I could give you driving lessons! *swerves at the last minute to avoid a cat in the street*

Hatori: *sighs quietly, closing his eyes and sticking the white stick back in his mouth, never the comforter*

Akito: Good. Take the cat to his cage and have someone come clean up this mess. *waves a hand at the bloody floor*

Akito: And don't forget to lock the cage

Kyo: *grits his teeth* You.. bastard...

Kureno: *nods* Yes Akito. *grabs Kyo's arms, hoisting him up firmly*

Kyo: *vision swims wildly* *staggers, grabbing onto Kureno's arms for support as a reflex*

Shigure: *kneels down next to her, touching her arm* Tohru...

Kureno: *waits for Akito's dismissal*

Akito: *waves a hand at him* Get him out of my sight.

Yuki: *grabs onto the door* That's perfectly fine Nii-san, I'd rather walk... *grips tighter*
Yuki: *thinks: First Uo, now Ayame. I'm destined to die in a car...*

Tohru: *jumps slightly at the touch* *sees that it's Shigure and smiles gently* I'm sorry Shigure...it's just been a long day... *winces slightly* *stands up* I think maybe I'll go home... *holds her stomach* I'm a bit tired...

Ayame: Ah but cars are so fun!

Kureno: *bows his head and drags Kyo from the room, going out the back door to the small kiosk located in the complex* You should have stayed away Kyo. *very quietly*

Hatori: *looks at her* Did you want a ride home?

Yuki: Not when Maniacs are driving...

Tohru: *shakes her head* It's ok. Thank you.

Kyo: *stumbles behind him, head pounding harder* *pants* I.. know that...

Shigure: *stands with her* Let one of us take you...

Hatori: You take her Shigure. You shouldn't be around here anyway..

Ayame: *laughs loudly* I am a great driver! though! I learned from Gure-san! *turns the car sharply onto the driveway of the main house* Here we are! *stops it abruptly*

Tohru: *doubles over, holding her stomach* I think... I need to go home now...

Shigure: *looks at Hatori and nods, taking Tohru's arm* Come on... *stops abruptly when Ayame pulls up* Aaya? *looks alarmed when Tohru holds her stomach* Hatori...

Hatori: *frowns* Are you alright? *steps closer to her, ignoring the car suddenly pulling up*

Tohru: *pale* I'm fine. I just want to lay down for a bit. ..Tired...

Yuki: *gets out of the car quickly* Dammit Nii-san! *glares and looks at the front door, seeing Tohru, Hatori, and Shigure* *blinks*

Hatori: Come lay down in my office then. I don't think you should walk..

Tohru: *nods*

Shigure: *frowns* Hatori... *touches her forehead* She's hot... And I don't mean in the looks department this time.

Kureno: *drags him to the door and opens it calmly* Why did you?

Yuki: *sees them worrying over Tohru and gets nervous* *walks up quickly* What's going on?

Hatori: *drops the cigarette, crushing it with the heel of his shoe and deciding to pick it up later* *gently grabs her arm for support, nodding to Shigure that he heard him* Come on.. *softly, to Tohru* *starts to lead her to his office*

Tohru: ..I'm sorry... I don't know why I'm so tired all of a sudden. I just ...lay down... a minute...

Kyo: *shakes his head a little, but winces and stops at the sudden increase of pounding in his head* Tohru... she wanted...

Hatori: *gently* It's alright. Can you make it to my office, though?

Kureno: *looks at him, opening the door*

Tohru: *nods* *woozy*

Shigure: *takes her other arm* Quickly Hatori.

Kyo: *eyes widen a little, having enough focus to know what that is* *digs his heels into the ground, shaking his head more* No... I don't want...

Hatori: *nods, quickly leading Tohru to his office with the help of Shigure*

Tohru: *completely out of it* *just follows their lead*

Kureno: *pulls him inside the kiosk with hardly an effort* I'm sorry Kyo. *shuts the door firmly and locks it*

Ayame: *finally gets out of the car and walks up to the doorway wondering what is going on*

Yuki: *looks at Aya, then follows the group, wondering too*

Shigure: *follows lead, holding her gently*

Ayame: *follows them as well, too confused to be loud and annoying*

Kyo: *tenses, eyes widening more* *stumbles back to the far wall and tucks himself into the corner closest to the small window* *sits on the ground, drawing his knees to his chest and tucking his arms between his legs and stomach* *leans his head on his knees and closes his eyes, trying to block out the dirty, dank walls and think of anything else* *darkness crowds his vision as his heart speeds up, thus pumping more blood into his brain and out the cut on his head*

Hatori: *leads Tohru to the back of his office and helps her gently into the large bed there, watching her carefully*

Tohru: *mumbles* I'm fine... Kyo... Akito's going to... he'll be locked up... Kyo's hurt... *just rambling on now*

Hatori: *shushes her gently* It's alright, we know. Just rest.

Tohru: *cries* It's my fault... I just...wanted to help.

Hatori: It's not your fault, it would've happened eventually.

Tohru: *cries silently and eventually falls asleep*

Ayame: *walks into Hatori's office* Tori-san!! What is going on!??!??

Yuki: *hears her mutterings, paling a little* *looks at Hatori also, wanting answers*

Hatori: *winces at his loud voice, turning to glare at him* *walks up, grabbing his arm and leading him out of the office, so not in the mood right now* *lowly* Aya, Tohru's trying to sleep. Get out.

Kyo: *feels too dizzy staying upright, so lays on his side, still curled up in his fetal position, watching outside the window with blank orange eyes* *shuts them tightly and welcomes the darkness, fading into unconciousness*

Ayame: *pouts slightly* That is no way to talk to me. I at least deserve some sort of an explanation.

Hatori: *outside the office now* That's fine, Ayame, but you don't need to burst in and demand it so loudly.

Yuki: *leaves Tohru in Shigure's hands, wandering over to the door and listening, wanting answers*

Tohru: *sleeps fitfully*

Shigure: *brushes Tohru's hair from her face and sighs* I'm sorry Tohru...

Ayame: That is the only way you would have noticed me though Tori-san. Now tell me, did Akito-sama harm Tohru-kun?

Kureno: *turns from the kiosk and goes to fetch a servant to clean the mess in Akito's room, going back to the room himself*

Yuki: *narrows his eyes, listening*

Hatori: *sighs quietly, letting go of his arm* As far as I know he hit her a few times before he threw her out of his room. I think Kyo got the worst of it. She should be alright, but she is pregnant... *trails off meaningfully*

Akito: *sitting at the table messing with the music box. it won't play*

Kureno: *walks in bowed* It's done Akito.

Yuki: *freezes*

Ayame: Where is Kyonkichi then? And what made Akito snap this time?

Akito: *doesn't say anything. still fiddling with the music box*

Shigure *continues brushing back her hair, looking at her stomach carefully*

Hatori: I'm not sure about Akito.. I wasn't present at the time. I believe he was just enraged at the thought of letting Kyo be free. And Kyo is.. in his cage now.

Tohru: *whimpers and fidgets in her sleep*

Shigure: *rubs her arm calmly* Shhh...hush now. Rest... *glances back to the doorway, not seeing anyone*

Ayame: Oh...I guess we cannot break him out either...

Yuki: *feels his heart stop* *walks through the door, looking at both Ayame and Hatori* Hatori...?

Kureno: *walks up to Akito as the servant comes in to clean the floor. Kneels in front of him*

Hatori: No. *looks over at Yuki as he walks through the door, not seeming surprised* I'm sorry Yuki.. but it's the destiny of the cat.

Yuki: *frowns, shaking his head* No... He can't be. What's going on Hatori? Where is he and why is Tohru so upset?

Akito: *frustrated with the music box and sets it back on the table* It's broken.

Hatori: Kyo is locked in the House of the Cat, though it's more of a cage. Tohru must have found out about it and tried to prevent it, but Akito wouldn't listen and locked Kyo up before his graduation.

Tohru: *wakes up, wincing in pain* *holds her stomach*

Ayame: *looks back and forth between Yuki and Hatori*

Yuki: *frowns more* House of the... but... *not comprehending* Why?

Shigure: *looks back at her surprised* Tohru?

Tohru: It...hurts... Shigure, something's wrong...

Hatori: There's no real reason. It's more of a sick tradition every cat has to undergo.

Shigure: *looks alarmed, holding her arm* Where?

Yuki: But... *too much to take in* He didn't...do anything. He never told me...

Tohru: *winces again and doubles over, holding her stomach* ..hurts..

Hatori: He couldn't tell you. It doesn't matter if he did anything or not; he was born the Cat and thus has to suffer for whatever reason.

Shigure: *realizes where she's holding, and that she's pregnant, making the click* Hold on Tohru... *stands quickly and goes to the doorway alarmed* Hatori! Come quickly, I think Tohru's loosing her baby...

Yuki: *flounders a bit, not knowing what to think then looks up at Shigure's news* What?!

Hatori: *frowns, stepping past Yuki and Ayame, hurrying into the room* *goes over to Tohru, looking at her in concern* *straightens, flipping open his cell and dialing 911 quickly*

Shigure: *turns from Yuki and Ayame and follows Hatori in, staying by the wall to give him room, looking very concerned*

Yuki: *eyes wide* Loosing... *looks at Ayame, needing*

Tohru: *prays silently* *starts to bleed slightly* *still holding her stomach*

Kureno: *looks at the box* It can be fixed...

Hatori: Yes hello, *to the phone* I'm at the Sohma residence with a pregnant woman who I believe is having a miscarriage. *gives all info needed to them, then closes his cellphone, kneeling next to Tohru* I'm sorry Tohru, but this is out of my field. An ambulance is coming though, hold on.

Akito: Throw it away.

Tohru: *nods* I'm sorry...

Kureno: *looks at him, startled* Akito...?

Akito: It's garbage. Throw it away.

Hatori: Don't apologize, just relax. The ambulance will be here soon. They'll take care of you.

Shigure: *winces and looks to the floor, eyes closing*

EMT: *drives insanely towards the house* *pulls up and gets out in a hurry with a stretcher*

Kureno: *winces* If that is what you wish Akito...

EMT: Where is she?

Ayame: *eyes widen in concern* Yuki....? Are wou going to be alright? What can I do to help....

Akito: *looks over at Kureno* What?

Hatori: *slides open the porch doors wide enough for them to get in* In here. *raises his voice enough for them to hear*

EMT's: *rush over with the stretcher and set it up next to the bed* *count to three and then move Tohru onto it*

Tohru: *crying and in pain*

Yuki: What... *looks at the emergency crew rolling past and pales* Aya...What...

EMT's: *start rolling her back out towards the ambulance*

Kureno: It is your mother's....Do you really want it thrown away?

Hatori: *to Shigure* I'll go with them and call you if anything happens, please talk to Yuki.*knows he must be terribly confused* *follows the EMT out to the ambulance*

Shigure: *nods* Please, anything you hear Hatori, let me know.

EMT's: *load her into the back* *looks at Hatori* You comin' with?

Akito: Yes, I do.

Hatori: *nods to Shigure before turning to the ETMs* Yes, please hurry.

EMT: *tears ass out of there* *gets to the hospital in record breaking time*

Ayame: *watches as the ambulance drives away* *turns back to Yuki* She is in capable hands. Tori-san won't let anything bad happen to her. What would you like to do about Kyonkichi?

Shigure: *sighs and walks out to Ayame and Yuki quietly*

Yuki: *watching the ambulance leave, numbly* I don't....know.... *is extremely confused*

Momiji: *asleep in the car*

Haru: *wanders out towards the front of the house, having heard the loud wail of the sirens*

Kagura: *looks around, seeing the ambulance drive off quickly* Hatsuharu? What was that? Is something wrong with Akito?

Shigure: *sighs quietly* There isn't anything you can do.

Doctors: *quickly set to work taking care of Tohru*

Haru: I don't know, I just came out when I heard the sirens.

Kureno: *nods* As you wish Akito. *takes the box quietly*

Akito: *looks over at Kureno. tilts his head slightly* What do you think of me Kureno?

Yuki: *looks up at Shigure* Shigure...what's going on?

Kagura: It looks like it came from the main house! We have to find Hatori...

Kureno: *looks at him confused* Akito?

Shigure: Tohru...may be having a miscarriage. Hatori went with the emergency crew and will call when he finds out anything.

Haru: *nods, starting towards it*

Akito: The others... they love me, because they have to... and for that they hate me. *smirks slightly* Do you love and despise me Kureno?

Kureno: *unsure of how to answer* You are my only love Akito... *looks up at him curiously*

Yuki: *closes his eyes* But...why? What the hell happened? Did Akito....?

Kagura: *walks quicker to the house*

Haru: *comes up to the Main door, but pauses, seeing everyone gathered around the porch in front of Hatori's office* *heads over there instead*

Kagura: *blinks and looks, following Haru*

Shigure: *calmly* Akito isn't himself. Kyo was locked into the first born's shelter where the cat has spent it's days every generation. Tohru tried to stop it we suspect and Akito... he lashed out at her.

Yuki: *freezes again, feeling his heart hammering in his chest* *glances to Aya then back at Shigure* But...why didn't anyone stop him?

Akito: *places a hand on his cheek gently* Am I?

Kagura: *hears Shigure as they walk up, eyes widening* Shii-chan??

Haru: *looks around as he comes up to them and notices.* ..Yuki? Is everything okay? *wonders what the hell happened to make him look like that*

Shigure: Because it's the cat's destiny Yuki. Every generation of cat is locked in that shelter. Akito made a pact with Kyo, if he could beat the rat before his graduation, the cat would be free. If not he would live out the rest of his days locked away.

Haru: *blinks, realizing what they're talking about, feeling his stomach sinking* *glances towards Yuki, outwardly expressionless, inwardly worried of how he's going to take it*

Kureno: *closes his eyes* Yes...

Yuki: *doesn't notice Haru completely stunned* If he beat the rat... *shakes his head* It's not true. Why would Akito... *flinches remembering his time in the dark closet and realizing that it is something that Akito would do*

Kagura: *gasps loudly* No, Shii-chan...it's not graduation!! He still has a few years left! You can't say he's been locked now...no... *shakes her head furiously* It's not true!

Ayame: Can't we get him out?

Akito: Do you think I'm cruel? *kneels down in front of him and places his other hand on his cheek as well*

Haru: *stays quiet, watching Yuki carefully*

Shigure: *looks sadly at Ayame* You know the answer to that Aaya, we don't have any power over what Akito chooses to do. *looks back to the other two* I would suggest you all go home. There's nothing we can do at this point. What's done is done.

Yuki: *completely numb, not meeting anyone's eyes*

Kagura: *closes her eyes tightly and kneels, covering her eyes in her hands crying* No...Kyo....

Haru: *steps forward, trying to meet Yuki's eyes* *reaches out and gently touches his arm to get his attention*

Shigure: *winces and looks up at Aaya*

Kureno: *keeps his eyes closed* No.

Akito: Look at me...

Yuki: *blinks and looks up at him slowly, empty, his thoughts muddled and still confused*

Ayame: *gazes sadly at Yuki* *turns to Shigure* It is a pity that we have not seen each other for so long and we are reunited over something like this. *looks at Yuki again*

Haru: *frowns slightly* Yuki..?

Kureno: *opens his eyes slowly*

Yuki: *frowns a little and pulls his arm away forcefully, backing a few steps*

Akito: *meets his eyes and doesn't say anything*

Haru: *blinks, looking at him in concern but doesn't move or say anything*

Shigure: *nods* I'm sorry everyone. *glances up at Yuki*

Yuki: *backs a few more steps, glaring at everyone* *turns and walks abruptly out of the room, needing to get away from them*

Kureno: *quietly* Akito...?

Akito: What? *says softly*

Haru: *blinks again, watching his retreating back a moment before slowly following him*
Kagura: *cries quietly, still kneeling*

Shigure: *sighs and lets them go, for once feeling completely guilty* *kneels down in front of Kagura and touches her shoulder* Kagura?

Kureno: *watches him, brow furrowing a little, confused at this change*

Akito: ....*pulls his hands away from his face and turns his back to him*

Yuki: *walks stiffly to the courtyard, wanting to find Kyo but having no idea where he's located* *forms a plan in his mind quickly and hopes that he's ok, still horribly confused*

Haru: *walking behind him quietly, watching him carefully*

Kagura: *sniffles miserably and clings onto Shigure* Shii-chan...why....Why so soon?

Kureno: *blinks and looks at Akito's back. reaches out and touches it lightly* Akito?
Akito: *doesn't move or answer*

Yuki: *completely oblivious of Haru, going out of the gate, but not far, leaning against the wall* *stares into the sky with blank eyes turns a dull purple/gray*

Shigure: *winces, holding her* I don't know Kagura...I'm sorry. *looks to her* Go home, get some rest...alright?

Haru: *follows him quietly out the gate, still watching him* *walks over to where he's leaning and leans next to him*

Kureno: *frowns a little, tries again* Akito...?

Akito: *tilts his head slightly in acknowledgement*

Kagura: *shakes head* No.... I can't...

Yuki: *doesn't acknowledge him*

Kureno: *frowns* What's wrong?

Haru: *keeps the silence for a few moments before quietly asking* ..You okay? *doesn't figure he is, but asks anyways*

Shigure: *sighs, looking up to Aaya, emotionally tired* Both of you should go home.
Kyuusaisha has left the room.

Akito: He doesn't love me... and he never did... he loves her... they all do...

Yuki: *doesn't answer him for a few moments* .... *quietly* I'm cold.

Kagura: *sniffles*

Kureno: *curiously* Who...?

Haru: *saddens, knowing he's not talking weather-wise* I'm sorry..

Akito: Shigure... *hugs his knees to his chest* For a dog he's not very loyal.

Shigure: *sighs, looking up to Aaya, emotionally tired* Both of you should go home.

Yuki: *same tone* Don't be, you didn't do anything. *closes his eyes* You couldn't do anything...and neither could I.

Haru: *quietly* I'm sorry you lost the person you loved.

Ayame: Go home? I am not leaving without you Gure-san!

Yuki: *looks away* He's not dead Haru.

Haru: I know..

Yuki: Then please...don't talk like he is.

Shigure: *smiles a little and shakes his head* I have to wait for Hatori's call, and Kagura needs to rest.

Haru: *closes his eyes* Sorry

Kureno: *comes up behind him*

Akito: When will the come back...? When will they come back to me? When will the be mine again?

Kureno: *touches his shoulders* You sent Shigure away Akito...

Akito: ...where they ever really mine?

Kagura: *sniffles quietly* But...I don't want to go home Shii-chan... I want to see Kyo...

Yuki: *determined* He's not staying in there.

Ayame: I will wait with you. You need my company anyway.

Haru: You're planning on going against Akito?

Kureno: *stays quiet, not knowing how to answer*

Shigure: Are you sure Aaya? *tries to calm Kagura a little more*

Akito: I want him to love me *closes his eyes and leans back against him* even if it's a lie.... *tears prick at his eyes but he doesn't notice*

Yuki: *looks at him, almost glaring* He took something important to me for a senseless reason. He's not staying in that damn cage Haru.

Kagura: *cries, upset and wearing herself out*

Haru: *meets his eyes* *calmly* I don't want him in there either Yuki, but if you go against Akito you'll get hurt. *voice drops lower* He might lock you up. *talking about that dark room Yuki usually stayed in as a child*

Kureno: *moves closer hesitantly* He does Akito...you sent him away. I'm sure he could.

Ayame: I'm positive.

Akito: Make him come back *lays his head against his shoulder*

Shigure: *smiles tiredly at Aaya* Thank you... *goes back to tending to Kagura, picking her up gently in his arms*

Yuki: *shakes his head and looks away* I don't care.

Akito: *has completely exhausted himself and leans on Kureno*

Kagura: *doesn't notice when she's lifted, clinging to his suit jacket*

Haru: You should... You'd only be hurting yourself and everyone who cares about you.

Kureno: *wraps his arms around his waist, letting him lean* I can fetch him tomorrow if you'd like...

Yuki: *sighs and pushes from the wall forcefully* He's not... *voice breaks, firms it again* He's not staying in that cage Haru.

Akito: Now! *buries his face in his shirt. his silent tears soak into his shirt and he doesn't even notice. if he did he wouldn't know why he's crying*

Haru: *quietly* He ran to Shishou's so you wouldn't know about this and get hurt by it. He sacrificed his happiness by leaving you. *tilts his head a little* What would be the point if you went and got hurt in the end anyways?

Shigure: *walks into the office and sets Kagura on the couch, taking off his suit jacket and covering her with it. Sighs and steps back, looking at Aaya* Did you want any tea?

Kureno: *holds him gently* You need to rest Akito, it might be better tomorrow...I promise I'll stay with you.

Ayame: Yes I suppose I will. I can make it though Gure-san! Making tea is my specialty!

Akito: I don't want to rest!

Yuki: *flinches and looks down at that, feeling warmed a little at the thought, but grows cold again* It's my fault he was put in there in the first place...if he could have beaten the rat...beaten me...

Kagura: *exhausted herself to sleep*

Kureno: *strokes his hair calmingly*

Haru: *shakes his head* He wasn't ever supposed to beat you.. That's why Akito made that bet. ..He was just taunting Kyo.

Akito: I'm not tired! *starts to push away from him*

Shigure: *smiles* It might be better anyway, I think I'm as bad at it as Yuki and Kazuma.

Kureno: *holds onto him* Alright, that's ok...It was just a suggestion Akito...

Yuki: *frowns, looking up at him* *hushed* ...How...how do you know?

Akito: Go find him! *doesn't have the energy to try to push away again. his eyes are a bit unfocused and he doesn't appear to be completely lucid*

Kureno: *nods* Alright. I will...can I get you a fresh cup of tea while you wait?

Haru: *shrugs a little* People will say a lot of things when they think no one's listening. ...Akito will say a lot of things when he thinks the dumb cow won't make sense of it.

Akito: No, I'm not thirsty.

Ayame: *beams* Where are the tea bags anyway?

Kureno: Shigure might be...you wouldn't want him drinking alone would you?

Yuki: *watches him, confused* Haru...

Shigure: *chuckles* In Hatori's house? I haven't the foggiest.

Akito: ...Fine. I'll have tea.

Haru: *shrugs a little* Anyways, that's just what I hear Akito and the adults talk about sometimes.

Ayame: Does Tori-san even have tea bags? *walks around randomly opening drawers and shifting through them*

Kureno: *nods and stands* I won't be long. *goes out of the room quickly*

Akito: *folds his arms on the table and lays his head on them*

Shigure: ....*blinks, looking too* I don't know...he has to drink something, right? *finds mountains of coffee cans* Besides coffee....

Yuki: *looks away sadly* I'm sorry Haru...

Haru: Don't be.. It's in that past; it doesn't matter. You should be thinking on how to get Kyo out of that cage, not about me anyways. *smiles faintly*

Kureno: *comes back with a fresh cup of tea, hiding the empty package of sleeping powder in his pocket* Here you are... *sets it next to him*

Yuki: *sighs and leans back against the wall* ....I don't even know where he is.

Akito: *doesn't touch it. still has his head on his arms* Where is Shigure?

Ayame: *opens a drawer and suddenly pauses* *starts laughing loudly* Come look at this Gure-san!!!

Haru: ....I think I do.

Shigure: *blinks and follows to where he is* What's so funny Aaya? *curious*

Yuki: *blinks, looking over at him*

Haru: *had more time to wander around the grounds than Yuki as a child, but doesn't say anything* *shrugs a little*

Yuki *continues looking at him* You know where he is?

Haru: Yeah.. it's in the back, kinda behind the main part of the house.

Kureno: *smiles, pushing the tea to him* He will be here shortly. Drink this and relax, he won't want to see you stressed...

Akito: I'll drink it when he gets here

Yuki: .....show me? *quietly*

Ayame: *points at the drawer, still laughing* I doubt he would've like us to see his boxer drawer! There might even be some briefs in here! *pokes around*

Kureno: *smiles gently* He won't want to see you upset either, my love.

Shigure: *blinks and laughs with him* Aaya you fiend! *smirks and helps poke* Some embarrassing ones in here...

Akito: *looks up. his eyes are a bit red and he looks at cup* ... *picks up the tea and takes a sip*

Ayame: We probably should not invade Tori-san's personal space....Oh! Look at this pair! *holds up boxers with smiley faces on them* *snickers* The question is were they a gift or did he pick them out?

Kureno: *brushes his cheek gently* Just relax Akito, he'll come soon.

Akito: *takes another sip and his eyes start to droop*

Shigure: *laughs* Well who would give him underwear as a gift besides us? I didn't buy them...did you?

Kureno: *continues running through his hair as he drifts* Are you alright Akito?

Akito: *blinks a bit as he tries to stay awake* Yes

Haru: *nods, but leads him further around the gate instead of inside it* *goes back to where the residential Sohma's live, near where Shishou is* *leads him back on a path marked by stepping stones, back.. back.. where there aren't as many houses or people*

Ayame: No I would have gotten him hearts! *winks* So that means...HE DID CHOOSE THEM! *giggles* I never thought of Hatori as a smiley face person!

Yuki: *follows curiously, never having been back this far*

Shigure: *snickers* He must be making up for his lack-luster expressions through his non-exposed parts... *leers*

Kureno: *nods, coursing through a few dark strands quietly*

Akito: *rubs his eyes with the sleeve of his kimono*

Haru: *leads him through a small gate on more stones, to a small house with a single, barred window*

Yuki: *stays with him, confused*

Kureno: *watches Akito quietly*

Haru: *stops a few feet away from the small house and looks over at Yuki* The House of the Cat..

Akito: *frowns and looks over at kureno. he slumps a bit in exhaustion and chemically induced sleepiness* What's taking him so long?

Yuki:*blinks, looking at Haru* *looks at the small hut* ....He...has to live in that?

Haru: *nods quietly*

Kureno: *looks to the door* I'm not sure. I told him you'd like to see him.

Akito: *frowns more* He said he was going to come didn't he?

Yuki: *continues looking at the Hut nervously* *takes a step forward* But, how do you know he's in there? I don't see anyone...
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