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A New Beginning

((OOC: Foxy and I were exceedingly bored so we did a short rp with Akito and Shigure. New stuff since everyone agreed to start from scratch. We were also thinking that maybe we should try to make the large group rps shorter since people have a hard time being online at the same time. Maybe we could only do them on weekends since people have more free time? Just a suggestion. Feel free to smite me if you don't like it ^_^))

What: Deviousness
Who: Shigure and Akito
When: Er... sometime... afternoon...
Rating: PG-13 for some sensuality and implications
Pages: 3 1/2

Shigure: *sitting outside his home in his grey and black kimono, smiling serenely at a spazzing and harried editor. Every now and then he would open his mouth to placate her, but be met with more screeching, so he decided it best to wait it out, as always*
Akito: *in the bathroom having just finished taking a bath. her damp hair sticks to her neck as she dries herself off with a fluffy towel. once she's dry she slips on a robe and goes to her room. the lights are off and the sunlight filters in through the shojo screens casting a dim glow*
Shigure: *nods every once in a while to show he's listening when really, his thoughts are the furthest away they can get. Winces at a particularily loud screech and sticks his little finger in his ear to block out the harsh noise, much to Mii's "delight"* *chuckles lightly, waving his other hand at her* Now now Mii, I'm listening? As you were harrass...er asking me about? *charming smile grows on his mouth as she starts off again, his thoughts wondering about where the others are, musing on the fact that he's alone despite Mii. Glances to the phone rather longingly, but hiding it well, hoping for a distraction.*
Akito: *lets the robe drop to the floor and pulls a teal kimono out of the chest. pulls it on and ties the sash, making sure that it covers her chest completely. a few drops of water drip onto her shoulders and make spots on the silk. gets an ivory comb and runs it through her hair to get out the tangles*
Shigure: *sighs mournfully, almost in a low howling dog moan but catches himself, smiling up at Mii's strange look. Puts on his innocent act as Mii asks about his latest book, what it's about, when it'll be done and so forth. Chuckles to her questions, brushing them off easily, causing a suspicious look to Mii* *ears perk as she asks again what it's about* That is a secret my dear. *nervous laugh again and another wave as Mii wonders aloud if it's another "romance" novel*
Akito: *puts the comb on the table and getse up. her hair is still a bit damn and the wet spots on the shoulders of her kimono are slowly drying. stands at the window for a bit thinking and then turns and opens the door to the hall. a passing servant stops and bows* Call Shigure. Tell him I want to see him. Now. *the servant bows saying "Yes Akito-sama" and hurries off*
Servant: *dials shigure's house*
Shigure: *starts to slouch a little on his position growing immensely tired from the long series of surprised shouts when her suspicions were confirmed. Winces and raises an eyebrow at a particularly colorful shout that quite surprisingly he's never heard before...* *blinks as the phone rings and smiles at Mii, cutting her off mid rant* Do excuse me, that might be important! Someone might have died! *said a bit TOO gleefully as he gets up quickly and goes to the phone* Sohma residents, Shigure speaking...
Servant: Shigure-san, Akito-sama has requested your presence at the main house
Shigure: Oh really? *leans casually against the phone desk* And might I ask what for?
Servant: He didn't say. He just told me to call you.
Shigure: *sighs* As he wishes. *smirk in his voice* You may tell him I'm on my way then. *hangs up abruptly and turns to his room, going to change into a more formal (for him) Kimono other than his lounging Yutaka*
Servant: *winces* This can't be good *mutter and goes down the hall. knocks on Akito's door*
Akito: Enter *sitting on the porch, leaned against the doorframe*
Servant: *enters and bows* Shigure-san is on his way
Akito: Good *waves a hand in dismissal*
Servant: *bows again and leaves*
Shigure: *changes quickly, his darker grey one with black sash and comes back downstairs, stopping in front of Mii. Makes the usual excuses and fends off her normal crying spells, having an actually true excuse for once. Sends her home snivelling with the promise of a first chapter by the weekend and smirks, heading down the path to the Sohma House*
Akito: *lounges on the porch as she waits for Shigure to arrive. the afternoon sun reflects off her hair and helps it dry more quickly. the day is a bit warm and there's a slight breeze that blows her hair a bit. has a someone neutral, uninterested expression on her face*
Shigure: *walks down the path and arrives at the house, opening the gate without pretense. Walks in and glances around, the breeze making his kimono billow a bit and already shaggy hair blow into his eyes. Flicks it away a little annoyed and goes to the central house where he notices Akito on the porch. Chuckles under his breath at the display and walks to her, coming up to the steps but not standing on them. Bows his head slightly* Akito... You wanted to see me?
Akito: *tracing nonsensical patterns on the wood with her nail. she doesn't bother to look up at first* Took you long enough *scowls and looks up, taking in the sight of him. her bangs fall into her eyes, but she doesn't bother to brush them away*
Shigure: *smiles serenly, glancing up at her through his hair, staying in the bow* Sometimes it is hard to shake a noisy editor, I tried my best.
Akito: Hmph. *brushes her out of her eyes with a finger and sits up, bracing herself with one hand. her kimono has slid up a bit and part of her legs are showing. the sunlight shines on her paper white skin and even if she did spend more time in the sun its doubtful that she'd tan at all*
Shigure: *can't help but glance up at the movement, his eyes slowly following the porcelin skin that was revealed, lingering only a moment before moving to her eyes, one word coming to mind fondly: Doll. Like a chinadoll being slowly unwrapped... He wiped that thought away quickly with a smile* How have you been? *asked casually, not revealing anything as usual*
Akito: ill. I had a fever yesterday. Hatori made me stay in bed all day. *says sullenly. she was not quiet happy nor angry to see Shigure and it was hard to find middle ground. she wasn't quite sure why she wanted to see him today only that she did and of course that's all that mattered; what she wanted* You haven't been to see me recently...
Shigure: *smiles more at her petulance, reminded deeply of when she was younger and would do the same when not able to do what she wanted...* As he should have. If you were ill, you needed the rest. I'd bet willingly that you feel better today? *he felt the wind blow again and glanced annoyed to the side, as if it were mother nature's fault his hair got in the way* Time retraints, I haven't been able to. *it was like a game they would play, one he enjoyed immensely. She would accuse him of not visiting, he would brush it off. He knew his non-chalantness might have irked her, but he was normally forgiven, so he continued. Turning to look at her again...* Have you missed me Akito? *eyes sparkling in amusement*
Akito: *she ignores his comment about her health. even though he may be right she would never admit it. her eyes narrow a bit at his excuse* Why should I miss you? *she gets to her feet and the breeze ruffles the hem of her kimono, making it brush against her legs* You should make time. I should always come first.
Shigure: *chuckles quietly and walks up the few steps, kneeling in front of her legs. Taking a quick glance around, he sees no one and turns back to her, smirk firmly in place. Leans close to her, his head only coming about thigh level since she's standing, and places his hand on the hem of her kimono. Lightly, steals inside it and touches just above her knee, not moving it from there. Rests his forhead on her opposite thigh, looking up at her coyly, deeply amused at her pouting* And you do, you know that. I can't help though if my work consumes me... *light tone, like it's nothing out of the ordinary, which really, it isn't*
Akito: *smirks slightly, enjoying the respect and attention Shigure is showing her. Knelt before her as he should be. after a moment she places one hand on his cheek while the other threads into his hair, the soft strands sliding over her delicate fingers* Get here quicker next time... *her tone is calm and her annoyance with him has diminished. despite his behavior he always manages to stay in her good graces for the most part*
Shigure: *knows he's back on her good side, having had many years (at least 20) of practice. Tilts his head just slightly into the touch as he watches her facial expressions carefully, though he can't help the note of mischief. It's his nature after all* On Devil's wings if I must...
Akito: *strokes his cheek absently with a small, pleased smile on her lips. Shigure's "obedience" always puts her in a better mood* Good... *lets her fingers trail down his cheek to his neck* How is Yuki? He doesn't visit me nearly as much as he should either. *comments in a light tone* He forgets who is most important.
Shigure: *tries to hold it back, really, but his manipulations get the better of him and he can't help but to answer her truthfully, his loyalty preceeds him sometimes and unfortunately this is one of those times* He is doing well, lively and stubborn as usual. *meets her eyes briefly before turning back to look at her knee, brushing aside the kimono gently to reveal more of her soft pale skin to his touch* Maybe he might need a reminder, you could visit him again...
Akito: *allows him to touch her, reveling in the attention and twists some of his dark hair around her fingers gently* ...perhaps I will. He still hasn't come to visit me. Not even after I so graciously invited him to *her fingers tighten involuntarily at the though of Yuki's insubordination. doesn't intend to hurt Shigure, but pulls his hair a bit nonetheless*
Shigure: *takes the slight pain graciously with only a small wince, his cheek rubbing into the gentle folds of her kimono as he looks up again smirking* Yes... I think he would enjoy a visit from you. It has been a long time after all. *says nothing of his lack of visitation, choosing to let her anger run it's course. Continues to run his fingers softly from knee to thigh, tracing light patterns along the outside of her thigh and hip* You can bring Haa-san with you, he needs to be out of the office a little.
Akito: Yes, I think I will. He seems to forget how lenient I've been with him. I've let him go to a school with girls and live outside of the main house and yet he still sulks and stays away. He's such a spoiled little rat. *smiles unkindly* I will have to teach him a lesson *her hold on his hair loosens and she runs her fingers through it gently* Hatori will come with me. *says as if it were her own idea though really its just Shigure getting his way. his gentle coercion always works*
Shigure: *chuckles inwardly as she takes the idea for her own* Of course, excellent idea. It's been too long for him also. *places his palm on her upper thigh, fingers dancing over her slightly protruding hipbone. A brief thought flickers about how thin she is but he disregards it as he realizes she's rambling off about Yuki again* He's gotten cozy out there with me, but I hardly think spoiled. *pulls the folds of kimono gently with his teeth then lets go, looking up and smiling sweetly at her* What will you do Akito?
Akito: *she trails her hand back up his neck and lets her fingers brush over his lips briefly before stroking his cheek with the back of her hand* I think I will share some of my suffering with him. Remind him of why he is allowed to live, who suffers for him while he plays in his garden with that ugly Honda girl.*smirks slightly as she thinks about what she'll do once she has him alone*
Shigure: *turns his head at the touch and gently bites her knuckle, a surge of carelessness coming to fore. He was taking liberties, but ones he didn't think Akito would be too terribly miffed about* Suffer? Dear Akito... I would hope I'd be enough to distract you from that pain. *is a little bothered by her constant drawing to Yuki, and feeling a tiny need to be focused on. His dog zodiac reacting to the inattention* Wouldn't you grow tired of Yuki? *glances up discreetly before kissing the knuckle lightly. He knew he was on her good side, and staying that way was priority* Though it would probably make you happier to have him here again, you have to admit his schooling is important. And he's closer to the school at my cottage... *bites at her wrist softly* That still doesn't excuse him for not visiting of course....
Akito: *she scowls a bit when he bites her knuckle* How can you distract me when you're never here? *watches him as he puts her knuckle to his lips* Yuki is so boring most of the time... *can't help a slight shiver when he nips at her wrist* but I still like to keep an eye on my pets. *smirks slightly and meets his eyes* Even the stupid ones.
Shigure: *keeps his eyes locked to her* Does that include playing with them too Akito? *palms her hip, trailing his hand even further up the kimono, touching her side intimately* With me?
Akito: If it pleases me to do so. There are some that I don't like to play with. Some games that I don't like to play... *tilts her head slightly, her bangs blow a bit in the wind and get in her eyes. reaches one hand up and brushes them back* Do you want to play Shigure? *her eyes dance with amusement and something else*
Shigure: *chuckles and toys with her sash under her garment, loosening it only enough to continue running up her side. Sidesteps the question with practiced ease, deciding to ask her about the first* What games don't you like to play Akito? *voice goes low, looking up at her* Who isn't worth your touch?
Akito: *her skin is cool and his fingers feel warm, his touch lingering on her flesh* I don't like games that I can't win, unfair games, games that don't play by my rules... *just barely brushes the pad of her thumb over his bottom lip and her eyes darken a bit*
Shigure: *quirks his lip as her thumb explores, unmoving, just calmly watching her* Games that don't let you get your way? That others take advantage of? */maybe take advantage of you?/* *a simple and innocent question, emphasized by a bite to her questing thumb. smiles and soothes it immediately with a slow flick of his tongue*
Akito: *licks her lips in an subconscious manner* Yes... games that others take advantage of... they try to cross me, try to trick me... I don't like those games at all. *watches his tongue slip over her thumb. draws her hand back after a moment*
Shigure: *he laughed lightly and leaned back on his heels as she drew away, withdrawing his hand from the fabric after lingering a moment. Gazes up at her, judging her look before smiling his usual smile again* They would be fools to do so Akito...
Akito: *adjusts the material of her kimono and tightens the sash slightly* Yes, but there are many fools in the world. *smirks slightly* I'm always having to put them in their place. *frowns a bit* It's too hot out today *turns to go back inside*
Shigure: *sighs and stands, brushing out the wrinkles absently* I should get back to writing, it has been too long and I don't want to keep you. *smirks to her before taking a step back to the steps* You will come to the house then? *something inside himself tells him to stop, to keep Akito away...but it is warring against the loyalty--something a bit more forceful that he can't help... He can't help but push* With Hatori?
Akito: *stops and turns slightly. she glances at him over his shoulder* ...Yes, Hatori and I will stop by for a visit soon. *smiles wickedly* Don't tell Yuki. I'm sure he'd enjoy the surprise... *brushes her hair out of her eyes and goes back inside, not bothering to shut the door behind her*
Shigure: *looks after her a moment, mulling that over silently before nodding, knowing he couldn't outright disobey Akito* Of course... *steps away as he watches her retreating back a moment longer, then climbs down from the remaining steps. He has a lot to think about as he makes his way back to his cottage, wondering how the occupants will take the impending visit*
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