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Kyo Sohma

Who: Yuki, Kyo, Akito, Kureno, Shigure, Tohru
Where: Main House, Shigure's house
When: After the last one...
What: Kissing, XD
Pages: 16

Yuki: *in the living room this time with his homework books, the tv on but going unnoticed* *dutifully doing math problems*

Kyo: *bounces his foot with faint irritation against the roof, laying on his back with his arms under his head and watched the clouds drift by with slight impatience* *feels edgy, but doesn't know why*

Shigure: *in the kitchen, taking out Tohru's leftovers and reheating them for lunch. He's taking a long break from his writing, and waiting for Mii to come get him for something or other...when does she ever need a reason?*

Akito: *sitting by the window with her arms crossed over the sill. on the table is the lunch a servant brought. she isn't hungry so she completely ignores it and its already gotten cold*

Kureno: *knocks on Akito's door quietly, noticing a few servants giving him odd looks. Doesn't pay them any attention*

Shigure: *comes out holding a plate of some concoction, and looks over Yuki's shoulder* What a dutiful student, surprised you're not at your garden. Hungry?

Akito: *doesn't look away from the window* Come in

Kureno: *comes in quietly and bows* Master Akito. *shuts the door lightly behind him*

Yuki: *drags his eyes from the paper and looks at Shigure blankly* *blinks* Oh, no Shigure. I'm fine, thank you. *turns back to his homework, quitting with math and starting on Anatomy*

Akito: *glances at him over her shoulder and acknowledges him* Kureno... *looks out the window again*

Shigure: *smirks at his choice of material but leaves it alone, walking outside and talking a bit louder for Kyo up there* Hungry up there? *before I empty the fridge*

Kyo: *growls a little, sitting up* Yeah, but not for anything YOU cook!

Kureno: *comes over slowly, not saying more and kneels by him at the window, eyes on the plate at his side*

Shigure: I meant Tohru's. *in a sing/song voice and chuckles* Well now that I have your attention... Yuki you too... I just wanted to inform you that I will be gone for a few days to a convention. Tohru's not here for a bit

FireFox Feather: either so you'll be fending for yourselves. You think you can manage not destroying my house while I'm away?

Akito: *continues to look out the window, letting her thoughts wander aimlessly*

Kyo: Whatever. *flops on his back again, glaring lightly up at the sky*

Yuki: *looks over at him, shutting the book and walking to the porch, leaning on the side* Convention?

Shigure: *looks at Yuki* A book signing, it'll be for at least a week. Tohru-kun had expressed interest staying over her friend's house also, so you might be left here to fend for at least a few days, like I said. *raises an eyebrow* I expect everything to be kept as is or you both will be paying out of pocket for repairs. The main house is getting exasperated at all the costs. *sighs, sits on the porch and eats*

Yuki: *shrugs* Not my fault. *turns and goes back to the living room, gathering his books*

Shigure: *chuckles* Yes well, do try to limit the amount of times you have to throw Kyo into my wall, alright?

Kureno: *glances at Akito and stands, taking the plate. talks to a servant at the door and hands her the plate*

Yuki: *smirks faintly* As long as he doesn't give me a reason to, I won't. Have fun at the signing Shigure. *goes back to his homework*

Akito: *sighs and frowns a bit before standing and shutting the window. she's in a foul mood this afternoon already though for no really reason*

Shigure: *sighs mournfully, loud enough for Kyo to hear* Why does that not reassure me? Kyo will be flying through the wall as soon as my back is turned. Ah well, maybe I can get on Haa-san's goodside... *stands and goes to the kitchen*

Kyo: *stands up, yelling down at the ground* SHUT THE HELL UP YOU PEVERTED DOG!!

Kureno: *comes back with a new plate of fresh fruit and few breads instead, setting it on the table, kneeling by the table and watching*

Shigure: *chuckles* He's more cranky than usual. *comes back out into the living room hearing Mii's honking* Well I'm off! Remember what I said. *walks out and to the car, to Kyo* Maybe if you're nice enough Tohru-kun will set you up with one of her high school girlfriends. Anything to get you out of that black mood. *smiles* Don't demolish my house! *climbs in with an impatient Mii*

Kyo: *floored* *stutters and flails, anger peaking but not finding anything to say to vent it*

Yuki: *chuckles quietly, hearing the remark to the cat* *shakes his head watching Shigure drive off*

Akito: *turns away from the window and then spots Kureno sitting by the table and the plate of food. she raises an eyebrow slightly*

Kureno: *bows his head* I thought you might like something better than what you had. I can take it away if not.

Kyo: *clenches his fists, watching the car that Shigure got in as it takes off* *stomps his foot and screams after it* ASSHOLE!!!!

Yuki: *raises an eyebrow at the stomp and scream and picks up his books* *goes out to the porch and sits, setting up out there* Shigure said not to demolish his house. You'll out a hole in the roof that way. *opens his book*

Akito: *eyes the food again for a moment and then sits at the table. it looks much more appeitizing then the soup the servants brought earlier and she eats a bit*

Kyo: So what?! I don't care!! *sits down abruptly, crossing his arms and scowling deeply*

Yuki: *glances up briefly* What has your tail in a knot today? *calmly*

Kureno: *smiles quietly and looks back to the window, wondering why she closed it*

Kyo: None of your business!! *actually doesn't even know; just in a foul mood*

Yuki: *sighs and shakes his head* Well if you want to sit up there and sulk and scream about it be my guest. Otherwise I'm studying so if you want to come down and be quieter about it, it would be appreciated...

Kyo: YOU can go inside! I'M staying out here! I was here first, dammit!

Yuki: I can hear you inside also. The statement still applies.

Akito: *only eats about half of her meal before deciding she's full. frowning a bit and massages her temples* It's too bright out today *gripes* *has a headache*

Kyo: Well I'm still not moving! *stubbornly*

Yuki: *flips another page* That's your decision. Keep carrying on like that and you will fall through... *glances up again* Brooding doesn't help anyone though. Especially when it's loud brooding.

Kyo: *growls, glaring out at the horizon* Quit acting like you're so superior you damn Rat!

Kureno: *looks up at her movement and kneels by her, taking her hands dutifully away and replacing them with his own* You haven't eaten much, it might help.

Yuki: *shrugs* I wasn't trying to be, just helpful advice. You're decision to take it.
BeatenPhoenix: *your

Kyo: I don't have to listen to you! *falls onto his back again, shifting his glare to the sky with the movement*

Yuki: *sighs again, ripping a peice of paper from his notebook*

Kyo: *bounces his foot restlessly against the roof, still scowling*

Akito: It won't. It tastes terrible and will only make me feel worse *says defiantely* I know what's best not you.*leans into his touch*

Yuki: *wads it in his hands* I never said you had to. But if you're going to continue to sulk up there noisily then you force me to have to do something about it. *smirks faintly, a slight trace of it in his tone*

Kyo: *sits up* What the hell can YOU do??

Kureno: *keeps his hands moving very gently, over her forehead and temples* Even the fruit?

Akito: Yes, even the fruit. It tastes rotten *replies stubbornly* *the fruit is obviously fresh and didn't taste at all rotten*

Yuki: *scoots forward to where he can get an idea of where Kyo's sitting* *readies and tosses the ball at the side of Kyo's head, aiming to bean him in the temple* Shut you up. *opens his book again and leans back*

Kureno: *nods unnoticed, expecting this answer and looks at the plate. Moves his hands down to her shoulders, massaging gently*

Kyo: *is beaned in the temple* *anger mark* *stands up, screaming down at the ground* I'LL KILL YOU!!

Yuki: *calmly and absently* Then go ahead. *turns another page*

Kyo: *growls and jumps to the ground, landing on his feet easily, and turns to face him, glaring* Fucking smartass!!

Yuki: *smirks faintly and looks up, raising a delicate eyebrow calmly* Well you're not on the roof anymore...

Akito: *sighs softly as his ministrations relax her and she leans forward, letting her forehead rest against his chest. closes her eyes*

Kyo: .........ASSHOLE!!! *stomps past him and into the house, fuming*

Yuki: *says over his shoulder* I thought you were going to kill me?

Kureno: *lets his hand trail down her back lightly, other hand moving to pick up a small peice of fruit*

Kyo: JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!! *stands in the living room, not quite sure why he's there in the first place*

Akito: *her back arches slightly as he runs his hand down it and she sighs softly. turns her head so her cheek is resting on his shoulder*

Yuki: You've said that one already. *turns back to his book* You have yet to succeed in making me. *shuts it*

Kyo: *clenches his fist and whirls around, stomping back to the porch* WELL THEN GET UP SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS YOU DAMN RAT!!!

Yuki: *spares him a slight glance and shakes his head, setting the book down* *rolls up his sleave cuffs, watching him* Now why are you set on fighting me this time?


Yuki: *stands and walks away from the house, undoing a button on his collar* *turns to him* Maybe if you would stop acting like you have...what was the word Uotani-san used? Pms? *looks at him* Then maybe I wouldn't have to.

Kureno: *continues his movements up and down her back softly, watching her. Moves his thumb over her bottom lip, letting her taste the juice from the fruit*

Kyo: I DONOT HAVE PMS YOU ASSHOLE!!!! *stomps over to where he is, away from the house, fists clenched tightly*

Yuki: *stands there calmly, meeting his eyes*

Kyo: *glares at him a moment before suddenly lunging forward, aiming a punch right for his stupid face*

Yuki: *smiles faintly and blocks with his wrist, pushing his arm to the side* *steps back a step*

Kyo: *comes around with his other fist, stepping forward with the movement for more power*

Akito: *her lips part slightly and some of the sweet juice drips into her mouth. the tip of her tongue just barely brushes the pad of kureno's thumb*

Yuki: *anticipated the move and grabs his wrist as it moves past his head, actually pulling it toward himself more* *knocks Kyo off-balance to stumble forward a little, coming close to his face* You have to do better than that Kitten... *said quietly*

Kureno: *smiles gently down and replaces his thumb with the strawberry he was holding*

Kyo: *narrows his eyes into a glare, catching his balance enough to turn on his heel and crouch down* *twists his wrist out of Yuki's grasp enough to grab the Rats own wrist to throw him over his shoulder and to the ground*

Akito: *looks up and her eyes meet his as she slowly bites into the strawberry. the juice from it is cool and makes her lips glisten*

Yuki: *hadn't expected THAT one and still gets tossed, but not as hard as intended, landing easier and sitting on the ground* *raises an eyebrow up at him and quickly kicks out behind the cat's knees*

Kureno: *moves the hand trailing her back up to brush her hair from her eyes, brushing her cheek softly*

Kyo: *didn't expect him to recover so quickly and goes down, but quickly rolls over on his hands and feet, jumping away from Yuki* *crouches back in his normal fighting stance, panting just a little*

Yuki: *not breathing hard at all, but still stands slowly, brushing off the dirt from his pants* *keeps an eye on him carefully*

Akito: *head tilts slightly into the touch on her cheek and she licks her lips, catching the juice that still lingers on them with her tongue*

Kyo: *suddenly runs forward, shifting his weight onto his left leg and bringing his right one up for a high kick*

Kureno: *faint smile still touching his lips quietly at her movement. Brings the fruit to her lips again and waits*

Yuki: *sidesteps behind Kyo and kicks the other leg he's balancing on to knock him off balance and distract, swings his other arm to try to connect with the back of his head*

Akito: *takes another bite of the fruit and lets her eyes drift shut as she does so, savoring the flavor*

Kyo: *falls backward from the kick, but twists his body to avoid the punch to the back of his head* *kicks the back of Yuki's knees, much like the former did to him just a moment ago*

Kureno: *pulls the fruit away and takes a bite himself with a small smirk. Leans foreward and touches his lips gently to hers, tasting the strawberry on them*

Yuki: *doesn't see it in time, not thinking Kyo would use his own move* *winces and falls forward, landing heavily on his knees and catches himself with his hands on the ground* *raises an eyebrow and dusts his hands off* Smart move kitten, where'd you pick that up? *dusts his knees*

Akito: *smirks inwardly at his boldness. presses her slightly parted lips against his and one hand slides up his chest to his shoulder*

Kyo: *sneers* A little Rat taught me. *jumps to his feet, backing up a little, ready to go at it again*

Yuki: *stands and adjusts his sleeves and collar again calmly, taking his time*

Kyo: *watches him carefully, waiting for him to make the first move this time*

Kureno: *presses lightly to her lips, but doesn't go much further, not wanting to cause Akito's temper to flare. Tastes the bite of fruits and pushes it to her lips, savouring it with her own taste*

Yuki: *smirks and walks around to his other side a bit closer* Never thought you'd be one to pay attention to anything a "Damn Rat" would do. *moves forward quickly, swiping a punch towards his chin*

Akito: *lets her lips part more and press more firmly against Kureno's, slightly demanding*

Kyo: *doesn't answer, much to interested in the fight* *knocks the punch away with the back of his left fist, curving up with his right to hook him in the stomach*

Yuki: *left hand shoots out, grabbing the fist aimed to his stomach and pulling it forward as he turns, his back now facing Kyo* *bends his right elbow and aims it back at Kyo's abdomen*

Kureno: *takes the hint wisely and kisses her more passionately, depositing the fruit to her tongue. Slips his out and massages the roof of her mouth, his eyes slipping closed*

Akito: *the taste of both kureno and the fruit are intoxicating. wraps her arms around his neck and her tongue meets his, wanting more than a mere taste*

Kyo: *bends his legs enough to drop under Yuki so the elbow catches his shoulder instead of his stomach* *suddenly straigtens and twists so his back is to Yuki's, ignoring the pull on his shoulder, bringing his left elbow around to the side of his head*

Kureno: *moves and presses to her, one hand coming up through the back of her hair, the other resting on her lower back to hold her. Presses his tongue more persistently to hers, loosing himself*

Yuki: *moves his free hand to intercept Kyo's elbow, moving his head slightly to the side and holding the arm there* *takes a firmer hold of each and pulls abruptly, bending and flipping him over his shoulder*

Akito: *makes a please sound and allows him to lead this dance, letting him have a bit of control for once, a rare thing for her. slides her tongue along his*

Kyo: *grunts, bending his back so he lands on his feet, then pushes Yuki, who still has a hold of his arms, trying to correct how off-balance he is*

Yuki: *yanks him forward to himself, not letting him regain his balance, raising an eyebrow at his try* *is breathing a bit harder slightly, but trying not to show it much*

Kyo: *finally stumbles, unable to keep the minimal amount of balance he had* *lands on his butt, panting a little and glaring at the ground in frustration* Let GO!! *tugs on his arms, which Yuki still has*

Kureno: *grips her back gently as their mouths war with each other, going fully into this rare allowance, his passion overriding good sense as it always does...*

Yuki: *trips lightly, not expecting the pull and catches himself in a kneel, not letting go* *raises an eyebrow at him* All that and you're still frustrated? Maybe I should have kicked you into a tree....

Kyo: *turns his head as much as he can and glares heatedly at him, his arms still crossed over his chest* *yanks them again* Just shut up and let go already you damn rat!!

Akito: *kisses him with reckless abandon, her fingers digging into his neck slightly. giving into the lust because all that matters is what she wants when she wants it*

Yuki: *meets his glare evenly with a faint smirk* Fine *let's his arms go, but in a slow trail moving up his arms and towards his wrists instead of away, effectively holding him in place*

Kyo: *narrows his eyes a little more, wondering what the hell is up with that cocky smirk* *tugs on his arms again, his shoulder starting to throb a little from when he twisted it* *repeats in a low growl* I said let go

Yuki: Not until you tell me what has you so pissed off. That fight was to expend some of it, not make you have mood swings. *lifts an eyebrow at him, but despite his words, loosens his hold to allow some shoulder movement*

Kureno: *brow furrows gently at Akito's insistence, but pulls away slowly, breathless* Akito...? *inquiring and soft as he tries to catch his breath slowly*

Akito: What? *a bit breathless and she's annoyed that he stopped, which shows in her tone*

Kureno: *watches her, but doesn't say any more as his hand comes up to touch her cheek. In reality is confused, but stays outwardly emotionless, only his eyes showing the conflict*

Akito: *frowns, showing her displeasure and then closes the distance between them and presses her lips firmly against his. she won't be denied*

Kyo: *growls at him again, turning his head away and scowling, but rolls his shoulder a little* I don't know; does there have to be a reason for everything?!

Kureno: *tenses at the suddenness but immediately relaxes, hiding it. Comes back to himself and waits, letting Akito do as she pleases with him*

Yuki: No, certainly not with you. *eyes stay on the shoulder he moved* You've been this way all day. Something must be on your mind.

Kyo: I said it's NOTHING!

Yuki: *shrugs and lets his wrists go, leaning back slightly and touching his shoulders, eyes still on the moved one* Suit yourself.

Akito: *growls slightly, starting to get angry with his lack of compliance and kisses him a bit more forcefully. her arms tighten around his neck*

Kyo: I will! *huffs, pulling his arms forward and stretching them, rolling his shoulders again and ignoring Yuki*

Kureno: *winces internally, but complies, moving closer and presses his lips to hers, though not much else*

Yuki: *chuckles a little and shakes his head, kneeding his shoulder gently not bothering to ask* *used to the ignoring and not bothered by it, it being more entertaining to annoy the cat*

Kyo: *relaxes almost reluctantly into the touch, not really wanting to, but it feeling really good on his shoulder* *scowls at the ground, keeping the silence stubbornly*

Akito: *eyes open narrowly and she unwraps her arms from around his neck. hands trail down to his chest and then she shoves him away roughly* Get out of my sight

Yuki: *feels him relax and sees the scowl, a slow smirk forming quietly as he gets an idea* *continues to kneed gently with one hand, moving his other to the right discreetly* *keeps the silence*

Kyo: *drops his head a little, letting him have more room, starting to enjoy the soothing touch* *doesn't even notice his other hand, to absorbed in the one on his shoulder*

Kureno: *blinks at her and then bows his head slightly* I'm sorry... have I done something to displease you, mistress? *softly*

Akito: *her unhappiness show on her face* Yes *says harshly* You are not worthy of my attention let alone my touch. Your presence offends me

Yuki: *smirks more, keeping up the distraction and quiet, holding back his amusement* *uses his other hand to brush the back of his neck very lightly, pulling his hand away after, completely*

Kureno: *feels a small inward sting at that and quiets a moment. Gives a faint nod, knowing himself not worthy enough to look up at her* I'm love. I will leave if you wish.

Kyo: *feels goosebumps roll up his back and through his body at the unexpected touch, shivering faintly* *furrows his brow a little, but doesn't shout out just in case it was an accident* *not quite willing to pull away from the touches to his shoulder*

Akito: *still not happy with him, but, as always, slightly mollified by his respect and endearment* I should send you away. *stands and slowly walks towards him. stops in front of him* You don't deserve to share the same air as me.. *runs a hand through kureno's hair gently*

Yuki: *notices the shiver and feels inclined to torture and toy with the cat a little more...* *leans forward, working both hands on his shoulders and blows cooler air onto the base of his neck gently*

Kyo: *jumps a little, pulling away and turning around a little* Hey!! *rubs the back of his neck, watching him warily*

Yuki: *blinks innocently* Yes?

Kyo: *scowls* Don't gimme that innocent look you sneaky bastard!

Yuki: *drops it for a chuckle and shrugs* Something wrong?

Kyo: You know what's wrong, asshole! Don't touch me there! *rubs his neck again before dropping his arm*

Yuki: I didn't. *simple*

Kyo: You did so!!

Yuki: *shifts forward, sitting crosslegged* No. I didn't. My hands didn't touch you.

Kureno: *stays quiet, head bowed submissively in front of her but can't help the slight lean into her touch*

Kyo: Oh whatever! You blew on it, you touched it- I didn't want you to!!

Yuki: *raises an eyebrow* Nice word choice. *looks at him* Liar.

Akito: *trails her hand down the side of his face and then lifts his chin with one finger. her eyes are half lidded and she brushes her lips against his forehead* But I will let you stay...

Kyo: Shut up!! And I am not!!

Yuki: *looks at him for a long moment* *reaches out and grabs his shoulders, turning his back to him again, but wraps his arms around him holding him there this time* Really... *wickedly*

Kyo: *scowls a little and pushes against him* Yes, really. *shortly*

Kureno: *closes his eyes at the brush, moving his hand up to touch her arm, a silent and vague sign of affection*

Akito: *pulls back slightly after a moment and looks down at him with a neutral expression, trying to decide if she should still be displease with him and what she should do with him*

Yuki: *holds tighter, not letting him move* *doesn't say a word and moves forward, biting gently once at his neck* We'll see...

Kureno: *opens dark eyes slowly, not moving from her touch, but meeting her eyes calmly prepared for her wish*

Kyo: *jumps a little, glaring at him from the corner of his eye* *lowly* I said don't do that..

Yuki: *moves to look at him, smug look off his face replaced by a calm smile* Because?

Kyo: 'Cause I said so. *stubborn*

Akito: ...*leans down and bites his bottom lip before kissing him roughly, showing that she can make this both pleasure and pain for him*

Kureno: *shows his willingness by pressing into her, fully compliant. Doesn't want to spike her ire again*

Yuki: Any other reason than your self-important bullheadedness?

Akito: *mood drastically improves and she smirks inwardly. drops to her knees, still kissing him and presses her body against him as her tongue slips into his warm mouth*

Kyo: *huffs and scowls more* Just shut the hell up *pushes his arms away enough so he can turn and press his lips against Yuki's roughly to MAKE him shut the hell up*

Kureno: *hesitates, then moves his hands to her back, holding her there tightly. Meets her tongue, barely touching her since he's not quite sure she would want that now*

Akito: *lets her hands rest on his chest, fisting in the material of his shirt. breaks the kiss momentarily to air and licks her lips before assaulting his mouth again*

Yuki: *tenses briefly then narrows his eyes, biting into his bottom lip for punishment, though not hard to hurt. Just sting*

Kyo: *growls a little in the back of his throat, biting his own lip back in response, just a little bit harder*

Yuki: *hides the wince, knowing better than to reveal any weakness* *instead, moves his hand to dig his fingers in slightly to the back of Kyo's neck aiming under his hairline, holding him there, kissing him roughly in return*

Kyo: *bristles a little at the touch to his neck, shoving his tongue into Yuki's mouth and kissing him deeply, harshly*

Kureno: *isn't sure what to make of this sudden mood change yet again, but goes with it, matching her in force. *runs his hands up her back hesitantly*

Yuki: *bites his tongue but decides to let it go for now, meeting him for severity* *presses to him, yanking the hair at his back loosely*

Kyo: *nips his own tongue back, bringing his own hands up and lacing them through his hair at the back of his head, tilting his head back to kiss him deeper*
BlueOtaku816: Akito: *arches her back at his touch, pressing against him and some of her dark hair brushes against his cheek momentarily. heartbeat picks up at the intensity of the kiss*

Yuki: *leans back a little but nowhere near compliant as he grips his hair more, showing Kyo that he won't be toyed with that easily* *pushes forward and kisses him deeper in response*

Kyo: *growls a little, nipping at his tongue again and pressing against him*

Kureno: *brushes her hair away, fully feeling her body against his as feelings long since buried come to surface again. Uses his hand at her back to pull her against himself, moving it back down to her lower back to rub across her sash*

Yuki: *smirks at the nip and pulls out of the kiss, using his hold on Kyo's hair to pull his head to the side and bite at his jaw under his ear* Getting agressive Cat... *grips his shoulder in emphasis with his other hand*

Kyo: *growls a little again, trailing one hand down to grip at the back of his neck and pulling on his hair a little more for the bite* *tilts his head a little and nips at the shell of his ear*

Akito: *inwardly smirks knowing that she'll be getting what she wants, kureno's desire. confirming that kureno is hers in every way imaginable. releases her hold on his shirt and lifts her hand to trails her fingers down his neck, barely touching him*

Yuki: *shivers at the nip to his ear even though he tries to hide it* *pulls him back and away fully, trying hard to keep his breathing even* *looks at the forest then at him, saying after a moment* Too open. *smirks and his hand around to Kyo's front, pushing him backwards* *stands and walks to the house, picks up his books and looks over his shoulder at him before walking inside*

Kureno: *shudders at Akito's touch, helpless to stop what he thinks is happening and having no other choice than to give into Akito's whims. Only hopes to not delve too deep...*

Kyo: *looks at the forest where Yuki glanced* *mutters* What 'open'? We're in the middle of the fucking forest! *growls a little, getting to his feet* *glares lightly at the door as he comes up to it, pulling it open and following Yuki inside*

Akito: *breaks the kiss and then nibbles his earlobe before whispering* Did you miss me while you were away? *her breath ghosts across his ear*

Yuki: *glances as he walks in, going to the couch and sitting.* *opens his anatomy book again quietly and reads* *hides the smirk*

Kyo: *laces his fingers through the hair at the top of his head, tilting his head and nippping at the shell of his ear again, a bit harder this time* *growls into his ear* Don't ignore me, asshole.

Kureno: *closes his eyes , exhaling a little, wondering how to answer that* ....yes. *soft*
Akito: *pulls away slightly and looks at him silently. after a moment she stands and strokes his cheek with the back of her hand* I thought so...

Tohru: *finishes her homework?* *puts away her books and such and heads downstairs to the kitchen for a drink*

Yuki: *chuckles low* Wouldn't dream of it. *tenses and pulls away quickly after hearing footsteps on the stairs, looks at Kyo in confusion* *flips through his book again, looking busy*

Tohru: *peers into the living room and smiles* Hello Yuki! Hello Kyo! I didn't know you two were home.

Kyo: *scowls a little as he draws back, heading for the kitchen* Hey Tohru. *opens the fridge and grabs the carton of milk*

Yuki: *smiles up at her* I could say the same for you, you were so quiet, we assumed you were gone.

Tohru: Oh, I'm sorry! I was just trying to do some homework quick before dinner... If I don't do it now it just piles up and piles up until I get so far behind I.... *chuckle* I'm sorry, I'm rambling. would you two like for dinner?

Kyo: *takes a long drink from the carton, listening to them talk and not really having an opinion as to what he wants to eat*

Yuki: *looks back at his books briefly* It's true, I think I've put mine off for too long with this festival planning. *shakes his head and looks to her* Anything you make is wonderful.

Tohru: *blushes slightly* Oh, I know! *clasps her hands together happily* Aren't there some leeks ready to be picked at the secret base?!

Kyo: *blanches, shoving the milk carton back in the fridge* HELL no!!

Yuki: *hides his amusement* *pretends to think about that* I think there might be...

Tohru: *didn't even hear Kyo* That'd be wonderful! And you planted other things too, right? *smiles* I haven't been to the secret base in a while.

Kyo: *groans, pressing his forehead to the refrigerator and wondering if this day could get ANY worse*

Akito: *pulls away slightly and looks at him silently. after a moment she stands and strokes his cheek with the back of her hand* I thought so...

Yuki: *smiles and nods a little* Miso just the other day, and it looks as if the cabbage and radishes are growing nicely. I haven't checked on the strawberries today... *thinks* They should be ripening...

Kureno: *bows his head into her touch* Have you thought otherwise Master Akito?

Tohru: *eyes get all cute and shiney and whatever* Strawberries? I love strawberries!

Akito: Of course not *says in her usual silky tone* You're so loyal after all. *pulls her hand away* One of those i trust most....
Yuki: *closes his book again* Then maybe you could help me pick them when they're ready... *smiles*

Shigure: *sighs, stepping out of the car again as Mii yells at him for forgetting his manuscript* Fine fine, I'll get it! It'll be a minute! *walks up to the house and walks in, seeing everyone.* My, this house is hoping more than it was when I first left! and Kyo, you've came down from your sulk...

Kyo: *comes out of the kitchen, scowling* I thought you LEFT!

Kureno: *nods, listening to her and wanting to keep it that way*

Tohru: Really? That would be wonderful, Yuki, thankyou! *all smiles and cheery* *sees Shigure walk in* Hello Shigure. Did you finish your manuscript?

Shigure: *like it's obvious* I have! *smiles at Tohru* Why yes Tohru, I have, thank you for asking. Though I have forgotten it somewhere and Mii gets awfully cranky when I do. *sighs mournful* Seeing your wonderful face has brought my spirits back up enourmously though. *chuckles*

Tohru: *blushes*

Yuki: *eyes narrow at Shigure but doesn't say anything, stands and walks around the couch, leaning on the back of it*

Akito: I'm tired. Leave *steps away from him and goes over to her futon*

Shigure: *brushes the back of his hand to her cheek as he walks past her to his study* Very happy to see you, little flower. *grins*

Kureno: *nods and stands dutifully, heading out the door as quietly as he came*

Tohru: *beet red* *nervous laugh*

Yuki: *boiling* *picks up his HEAVY anatomy book and tosses it at him, sure to not hit Tohru* Step away, Pervert Dog.

Kyo: *mutters* Pervert. *walks upstairs and through his room, climbing out the window and escaping to the roof*

Shigure: *blocks it* So mean Yuki, I was just being nice. *walks to his study to get his breifcase, with the manuscript inside*

Yuki: *mutters* So was I, I could have knocked you out. *puts his hand to his forhead in annoyance*

Tohru: Um... I'll go make tea! *smiles and runs to the kitchen*

Shigure: *picks it up then steps out quickly, so as not to bring in a highly annoying and crying editor to his inquiry* Well i'm off for the week! Be good children and don't cause any trouble. *winks and steps out*

Yuki: *blinks and finds himself suddenly alone in the livingroom* .... *shrugs and picks up his book yet again and goes upstairs to his room, shutting and locking the door* *smirks and glances to the window*
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