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Hello everyone!

I don't know how many of you actually visit here anymore, or if anyone actually will.  After 5 years I imagine this place is long forgotten.  I myself only stumbled on it recently after trying to check on one of my greatestjournal accounts and noticing the site no longer exists (pouts).  I came to livejournal wondering if it met the same fate and was suddenly reminded of our old rp community.  Took me a long time to remember the name though  lol and I wasn't sure if it even was still around anymore.  But, apparently, it's still here!  ^_^

And god, what an awful lot of memories it was to stumble upon this place again.  Reading all of the old rps, the old stories and plots... rather nostalgic  lol  I wasn't here for a good bit before my own Shigure made his presence substantial, but I used to read the old posts you guys did before then, so much fun!  ::giggle::  Then after joining you guys... it was great making the friendships we had back then.

If anyone stumbles onto this post, I just wanted to know how have you all been?  And sorry we all lost touch after a while, it was a crazy year for all of us I imagine.  I know it was for me.  I hope you guys have been well, and life has taken you down many fantastic roads and wonderful journies.  If anyone is interested, I would love to get in touch with you guys again.  I won't post it here, as this is a very public post, but I do have a few IM accounts as well as an email.  Comment or throw a message at me here and I'll make sure to return it.  ^^  I have this post tracked so will know if anyone replies.

If anyone does pass by here again someday, but aren't interested anymore, please don't feel obligated.  It's been 5 years, I understand!  Just wanted to see if any of the crew (Blue, Kage, Xia, Aya, Tohru, etc etc) were still around and what you have been up to if so.  ^_^  Miss a lot of you guys!  Even if we weren't together for very long.

Hope to hear from you!
Foxy  (aka FireFox Feather, Shigure, Kureno)

Note:  I don't have my own livejournal account, otherwise I would have posted here with it.  ^^  But finally remembered my old sign in for Gure's RP account, and figured it only fitting if the post came from it.  ^_^

I also hope you don't mind... I don't know how many of you actually still use your livejournal accounts, but I made a small comment to them anyway (the ones I could).  Just in case.  ^_^  Like in the spirit of Gure - Dive in head first and think of the consequences (good or bad) later!  lol
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