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A Furuba RPG

A Fruits Basket RPG
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Let's get to the point. This community is an RPG for the manga/anime Fruits Basket. If you do not know what an RPG is, it is a roleplaying game where fans take on the role of the character.

There are technically none. Try to stay in character. Try to be polite and courteous like good little children. The reason of staring this is so we can have fun, so we hope you enjoy yourselfs.

As huge fans of Fruits Basket, we like all characters equally. *COUGH*haru*COUGH*
Here is the cast of characters. If you are interested in joining, just comment to the community and you will get to audition as a character of your choice(if they are not already taken of course). NOTE: The person playing Kagura is only temporary so if you would like to play her, just ask and we'll give you the password to her journal.


Sohma Family:

Yuki- silent_yuki

Kyo- angry_orange

Shigure- mischief_mutt

Kagura- my_darling_kyo

Momiji- Taken. Needs journal.

Hatori- dragon_doctor

Hatsuharu- dark_bleach 

Akito- embitteredakito

Ayame- lord_ayame

Kisa- kisa_the_cutie

Hiro- Taken.

Ritsu- Available

Rin- Available

Kureno- taken



Tohru Honda- tohru_honda510

Saki Hanajima- psychic_freak


Arisa Uotani- yankee_thug


If there is any other character you would like to play, such as Uotani or someone else, just comment to this post and we will add the character for you.  The point of this is to have fun, so we ask that you post as your character as much as possible.  Happy RPGing!!!