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Yuki Sohma

Ayame: *goes back to rummaging through the drawer* This pair is good too! *holds up some with flowers on it* He must be making up for his lack of femininity with these! *blinks* What were we looking for again?

Haru: Look inside the window..?

Shigure: *smirks* I believe it was tea...in his underwear drawer.

Kureno: *looks back at Akito* Yes.

Akito: *sways a bit* Then where is he? *takes another drink of his tea*

Yuki: *looks back at the small window and firms his gaze, walking slowly up to it, curiosity overriding everything else*

Kureno: *sighs* I'm not sure...

Haru: *stays back, letting Yuki have his privacy*

Akito: *drinks the last of the tea* Well go find him then... *his head lolls a bit*

Yuki: *walks up cautiously and steps up onto the short bench in front* *touches the bars lightly, not seeing much of anything in the dark room* *looks back at Haru*

Kureno: *bows his head* Of course. *gets up and leaves the room, not moving anywhere but standing outside the door, waiting*

Haru: *nods towards the cage, shrugging a little*

Ayame: Hmm....*puts the flowered pair back into the drawer and pokes around one last time* *eyes widen as he comes across something else in the drawer* Gure-san! Look! *pulls out a box of tea bags* Now how did that get there!?!

Akito: *crosses his arms on the table again and tries to keep his eyes open, though they keep falling shut against his will. after a bit he slumps over and falls asleep with his head pillowed on his arms*

Yuki: *looks in again then turns, leaning back against it looking at Haru* *shrugs too* I don't see anything...it's so dark. Are you sure it's here?

Haru: It should be..

Shigure: *blinks slowly* .... *bursts out laughing* Maybe he likes his shorts smelling... *looks at the box* Like mint green? *laughs more*

Kyo: *stirs a little, hearing voices outside* *still curled up in the corner of the wall with the window on it and the wall on the far right*

Kureno: *waits a moment longer, then walks in quietly going to Akito* *lifts him gently in his arms, pillowing his head to his chest as he moves to his futon*

Yuki: *shrugs helpless* I don't see anything....

Akito: *stirs slightly in his sleep, but doesn't wake*

Kyo: *furrows his brow, slowly regaining consciousness*

Ayame: Maybe Tori-san is a lot odder than we thought....*stares at the drawer and the box*

Haru: Maybe he's asleep?

Yuki: In there? *shudders a little* I doubt it...

Kyo: *blinks slowly, mind a little muddled*

Kureno: *sets him gently on the bed, bringing the blankets up to cover him* *watches him softly for a few moments*

Shigure: *continues doubled over in laughter, helpless*

Akito: *relaxed. looks peaceful and innocent in his sleep*

Haru: Or he could be.. unconscious.. *shrugs a little*

Kureno: *sighs sadly and slips off his shoes, moving to lay next to him on his arm, still brushing the hair from his forehead*

Akito: *curls up against him, still asleep*

Yuki: *flinches* From what Hatori said...Akito did hurt him badly...

Kureno: *smiles a little and closes his eyes. softly* I'm sorry, my love.

Kyo: *looks around, wondering why he's so uncomfortable, why his head kills, why it's dark and.. what the stuff on the side of his face is* *blinks, eyes going wide as everything comes back to him*

Yuki: *sighs, leaning back against the wall* If he's unconscious who knows when he'll wake. And I can't stay long, Akito or someone will notice... *winces*

Kyo: *gasps a little, sitting up and instantly regretting it* *winces and touches the side of his face, feeling the blood that's dried there* *quietly, confused* ...Yuki...?

Shigure: *continues doubled over in laughter, helpless*

Yuki: *freezes completely, not expecting to hear him* *turns his head a little, paling* *quietly* ...Kyo?

Kyo: *blinks a few times, then turns his head and see's the outline of Yuki through the bars of the window* *reaches up and grabs one, trying to pull himself to his feet* ...Yuki?? *can't believe it's him*

Haru: *blinks as Yuki asks for Kyo* ..Is he in there?

Ayame: So would you still like tea Gure-san? Or should we continue to rummage through Tori-san's belonging?

Yuki: *blinks again and turns quickly, touching the bars again* Kyo...is that really you?

Kyo: *pulls himself to his feet shakily, leaning heavily on the bars for support* *swallows, head still throbbing mercilessly* Yuki...? What're you doing here??

Shigure: *sits on the floor breathlessly trying to get air back* *shakes his head speechless*

Yuki: I...had to... *sees him a little more clearly, saddening* Kyo...what did he do to you?

Ayame: *starts laughing with him* He might be a bit angry if he knew we were invading his stuff...But he is so cute when he is mad. *winks*

Kyo: *winces, bringing a hand up to tenderly touch the side of his head* That bastard smashed a damn tea cup on my head.. then a music box afterwards. *scowls*

Shigure: *gets his breath back under control and leans back on his arms, still on the floor. Looks up at him* Well we do make him mad enough, I'm sure one more won't hurt him. *winks*

Ayame: *giggles* Okay, your turn. Pick a drawer Gure-san!

Yuki: *winces also, reaching through to place his hand over his* Is it deep? Where he hit you?

Shigure: Hmn.... *looks at the drawer next to him* How about...this one. *pulls it open, looking in curiously*

Kyo: I don't think it's that bad.. I sure bled enough though. *can feel the dried and caking blood all down the left side of his face*

Yuki: *eyes harden a little in anger towards Akito again* *turns to Haru* Haru, do me a favor and go to one of the houses further away for a cloth and water? Just don't attract attention..

Haru: *nods* Sure. *turns and follows the stone steps farther down, far enough away from the cage*

Kyo: *blinks* Haru came too..?

Ayame: *blinks* Well...? What is in it?

Yuki: *turns, looking back at Kyo* He showed me where you were. I would have never found it if not...

Shigure: *riffles through the stuff curiously, not answering* *both eyebrows raised* Well whattaya know...

Kyo: *frowns a little* You shouldn't be here. If that bastard caught you... *happy to see him, but also worried of what Akito could do to him*

Ayame: *stares at him curiously*

Shigure *pulls out a few blank tapes* *blinks*

Ayame: *blinks* *looks at them* *blinks again* We should watch them and see what they are!!!

Shigure: *looks at the tapes* Do we want to?

Yuki: *shakes his head* Haru said the same thing, don't bother. *looks at him* I couldn't leave without seeing you. I... *frowns and looks down* I can't believe he'd be cruel enough to...lock you in here like this...

Ayame: *thinks for a moment* *eyes light up* Let's watch it! *looks around for the TV*

Kyo: *smirks a little, leaning against the bars* Told you he was a bastard... It happens to every Cat though..

Shigure: *smiles at his enthusiasm, letting him take over the viewing*

Ayame: *finds a TV and VCR and turns them on* *waits for Shigure to put the tape in* *extremely curious*

Yuki: *sighs quietly* It shouldn't...there's no reason for it. *looks back up at him* Why didn't you tell me?

Shigure: *picks a tape at random and shoves it in, pressing play. Also a little curious* Our luck it'll be porn. *smirks*

Kyo: *shrugs, glancing down*

Haru: *bows, thanking the lady again for the bowl and hot water* *makes his way carefully bad to the cage*

Ayame: Gure-san! *reprimanding tone* Do you really think Tori-san would have something like that!

Yuki: *touches the side of his head again lightly* Kyo, I'm not leaving any time soon and you can't run and hide out of a window from me this time. You're going to have to talk to me...

Shigure *blinks at him* Honestly?

Kyo: *sighs, resting his forehead in between the bars* Because I didn't want something like this to happen... I didn't want you to have to worry over me. I figured if I made you hate me, you'd never figure out I was here and I'd just fade away or whatever.. *shrugs a little again*

Ayame: Well...Let us see if he is the pervy type! *stares at the screen....*

Yuki: *saddens and leans his forehead on his through the bars* *quietly* How could you think that? Kyo...

Shigure; *raises an eyebrow and watches it curiously*

Ayame: *watches*

Kyo: *shrugs yet again* I just thought it'd be easier for you that way..

Yuki: *closes his eyes lightly* It wasn't. You may have thought what you were doing would work, but you never made me hate you.

Kyo: *furrows his brow a little, a bit put-out* Why not? Everyone else can hate me so easily..

Yuki: *softly* I'm not everyone else.

Kyo: *smiles with half his mouth* Yeah.. True..

Haru: *comes back with the bowl and water, standing beside Yuki and looking at Kyo* Hey Kyo.

Kyo: *raises an eyebrow at him, leaning back* Hey yourself. *smiles faintly*

Yuki: *pulls away reluctantly and looks at Haru, getting the bowl from him carefully* Thank you...

Haru: You're welcome *leans against the wall where the window ends, not but a few feet from them*

Yuki: *smiles at him and wets the cloth, turning back to Kyo* Lean forward again?

Kyo: *scowls lightly* I can do it, I'm not a kid.

Yuki: *raises his brow* And how if you can't see it?

Kyo: *tilts his head a little* I can feel it; it's all dry and itchy.

Yuki: *smiles a little and sets the bowl on the sill, handing him the cloth quietly*

Kyo: *grabs the cloth and folds it, taking it to the side of his face and scrubbing at it, wincing slightly*

Yuki: *smirks a little* Being counterproductive aren't you? You're making it bleed again... *folds his arms on the sill, resting his chin on them*

Kyo: *scowls a little at him* Shut up. *gentles his touch a little, but still scrubbing at it, getting most of the dry blood off his cheek*

Yuki: *chuckles under his breath and turns his head, looking at Haru* How far did you go? Not by the main house, right?

Haru: No, it wasn't that far down. I kinda knew the woman who gave it to me.

Yuki: No one else saw you?

Haru: I don't think so

Yuki: Good...Last thing we need is nosy neighbors wondering why we're at this part of the compound and not near Akito. *winces*

Kyo: *cleans off most of his face except for right around the cut, which is still tender* *tosses the cloth back in the bowl carelessly, watching Yuki talk to Haru, still depending on the bars to support most of his weight*

Haru: *nods* Even if they saw me I don't think they'll know who I am.. The people out here don't go into the Main House a lot

Yuki Doesn't mean they don't know about you...they gossip around here... *sighs, looking at Kyo* We have to figure a way of getting you out of there...

Kyo: *smiles with half his mouth and shakes his head a little* Won't happen..

Yuki: *lifts his head determined* Yes it will. Even if it takes me a few days, it will.

Kyo: *shakes his head again, more determined* Don't worry about it so much. Besides, I don't want you going near Akito. *narrows his eyes* That bastards crazy..

Yuki: I'm not loosing you to a cage. Besides... *looks down* If I don't everything Tohru did for you would have been in vain... *winces, remembering the ambulance and wondering if Hatori called yet*

Kyo: *frowns a little, staring hard at him* Did something happen to Tohru?
Kyuusaisha has left the room.

Yuki: *continues looking down, not answering him* *glances at Haru, wondering if they shoud tell him...*

Haru: *looks back at Yuki and nods* *quietly* He has the right to know..

Kyo: Know what?? Tell me what happened to Tohru! *looks at Yuki desperately*

Yuki: *flinches and looks back up at Kyo sadly* Tohru...is in the hospital Kyo.

Kyo: *eyes widen* Why?? Akito didn't...

Yuki: He hurt her...and with all the stress she's been going through... *looks back down, avoiding his eyes* Hatori thinks she might be having a miscarriage.

Kyo: *stunned* A... miscarriage... She's going to lose her...

Yuki: *nods* Hatori hasn't called yet, Shigure's back at the main house waiting for him.

Kyo: *stays quiet, guilt settling like a heavy weight in the pit of his stomach*

Yuki: *glances up at him, frowning slightly* Kyo?

Shigure: *chuckles at Aaya* I'm going to check on Kagura real quick. *winks at him and leaves him sitting in front of boring medical videos to go into the living room*

Kyo: *mutters, not looking at him* It's my fault... She went there and Akito hurt her because she wanted me to be free... I didn't even try to stop her..

Yuki: *narrows his eyes at him and says firmly* No. Kyo don't do this. It's NOT your fault.

Kyo: It IS. She went there for ME, and I couldn't even protect her! She went there for a lost cause and she suffered because of it! Now's she losing her child?! *growls, gripping the bars tightly*

Yuki: *grips his hands over the bars tightly* You listen to me. You are NOT going to sit in this cell and wallow in guilt. If I were in her position I would have done the exact same thing, because she loves you Kyo. Just like I do. You can not blame yourself for something you had no control of, or for something that that bastard did. Otherwise he wins. *glares more*

Kyo: *glares back at him* Which is WHY I ran away from you! I don't NEED you guys to get hurt protecting ME, that's the LAST thing that I want!!

Yuki: *pulls away from him and stands a few inches away* And that's the part you don't get. It doesn't matter what you do Kyo, you can run, or you can accept it, but either way we're going to do whatever we feel is right to protect the ones we care about.

Kyo: But I don't WANT you guys to have to suffer for me!! Especially when I knew this was going to happen!! It's pointless for you guys to fight a loss cause!! I'm stuck in here and there's nothing either of you can do about it, there's nothing ANYONE can do about it with exception of that bastard!! And unless he has a sudden change of heart, which ain't gonna happen, I'm trapped in here, so don't get hurt trying to get me out!! There's no reason to!!

Yuki: *calm and determined* You are not spending your life in a cage to be mocked for the rest of your life. You deserve better than that.

Kyo: It doesn't matter whether I deserve it or not, nothing's gonna change!

Yuki: *raises an eyebrow and glances at Haru* *then back to Kyo* You think so?

Kyo: Yeah; I'll still be stuck here won't I??

Haru: *blinks at the look*

Yuki: *still calm and precise* Unless someone changes his mind...right? Isn't that what you said?

Kyo: *furrows his brow* Yeah.. but that's not gonna happen...

Yuki: *smiles a little and looks away at a tree, just anywhere but the cage* You said it yourself, Akito is crazy. He likes to go back to the old way of doing things...Kureno...his hold on Shigure... your cage... Tohru. It's about control with him right now. Something weaker than him to make him feel strong...

Kyo: *furrows his brow more, not liking where this is going* Yuki... you are NOT going back to Akito..

Haru: *straightens, looking at Yuki carefully, frowning slightly*

Yuki: *looks at him calmly, not commenting*

Kyo: Yuki, NO!! What did I JUST say?! You aren't getting hurt for my sake!!

Yuki: You're right, I'm not. I'm doing it for mine.

Kyo: NO!! DON'T go back to that bastard!!! Even if you did, he might not let me out!! It isn't worth it!!!

Haru: *frowning a little at him* Yuki...

Yuki: *smiles a little, looking down at the ground* It's worth it to me.

Kyo: NO, YUKI!! It's not worth it at all!!! Just stop thinking about it, it isn't going to happen!!! Haru, talk some sense into him!!!

Haru: *quietly* Yuki.. You can't go back. You could really get hurt with the way Akito is now.

Yuki: *glances at Kyo then looks at Haru* I can handle him.

Haru: *cuts off Kyo before he starts yelling again* *calmly* If you go, how do you think that will make any of this better? Kyo would feel even guiltier that both you and Tohru got hurt because of him and everyone else would miss you as well. And don't say you can handle him; he hurt Sensei, remember? If he could do that to one of his most trust Jyuunishi, then imagine what he would do to you...

Yuki: *smiles a little more, still calm and looks back down* Shigure also tried manipulating him and lying to him. Akito knows I won't do that to him, he'll have a hold over me. *glances at Kyo before looking back down*

Kyo: Yuki, please don't!!! *looking at him in disbelief, scared too*

Haru: *calmly* We'll find another way. There's no reason for you to sacrifice yourself.

Yuki: *smiles sadly and looks up at Haru* If I don't who will? He's not interested in the other Jyuunishi. He already has Kyo and Kureno... the only other ones he wants are Shigure and I. And he sent Shigure away.

Kyo: Please don't do this Yuki *begging, looking at him in desperate disbelief* What about Tohru?? She's going to need somebody once she gets out of the hospital! You need to be there for her!

Yuki: *shakes his head and walks back up to Kyo, holding the bars loosely in his hands* She won't need me anymore because you'll be there for her.

Kyo: *scoffs at him* You've ALWAYS been better at that sorta stuff!! The hell if I know what to do when she realizes she's NOT having her kid!! You know I can't stand tears!

Yuki: *smiles* Neither can I...but you always manage to make her laugh.

Kyo: But you're the one that actually comforts her!! She needs you!!

Yuki: And she protected you. She needs you too.

Kyo: *shakes his head* Yuki, please!! When I'm in here we can at least see each other, but that bastard will keep you in that dark room and he won't let anyone see you!! *lowly* I don't want my freedom to mean you being thrown back in the room, dammit!

Yuki: *glances down and touches his hands that are gripping the bars* *meets his eyes again* I'll be ok.

Kyo: *releases his hold on the bar and latches onto his hand, squeezing a little* No you won't; that bastard is completely crazy!

Yuki: *still calm, but returns the squeeze a little* And I'm used to him like that. I can handle him. He won't keep me long if I stay willingly.

Kyo: Yes he will! He kept you in that damn room for practically your entire childhood!!

Yuki: And then he let me go. You'll be stuck here until you die...

Kyo: Yeah, but at least he can't touch me in here!! Who knows what he'll do to you??

Yuki: *squeezes a little more* I'll be fine.

Kyo: You keep SAYING that!! You won't be fine locked in a dark room with a brutal pschyopath!

Yuki: *smiles a little and shakes his head, looking away*

Kyo: *tightens his grip a little on his hand* Please don't Yuki.. *looks at him carefully, pleadingly*

Yuki: *doesn't look up* I have to. It's the only thing I can think of to do for him, and the only thing I can give you.

Kyo: You can give me the relief of knowing that you're safe and away from him!! C'mon Yuki.. You don't have to do this! You don't owe that bastard anything

Yuki: *quietly* I want your freedom Kyo. I do have to do this.

Kyo: *shakes his head* It's not worth it.

Yuki: *looks up at him, eyes just slightly glassy, but not much, more calm* It is to me.

Kyo: *shakes his head again, looking down* *completely drained from the days events, no fight left in him* You don't need to do this..

Yuki: *holds Kyo's hands close to him, talking softly* I do. And I want to. Because no matter how many times you tell me you hate me, run from me or push me away, I still love you Kyo. And I want to do this.

Kyo: *mutters quietly* I love you too.. That's why I don't want this to happen to you.

Yuki: *smiles a little* I'll be alright. *looks at him quietly and tugs on his hands a little, trying to pull him closer to the bars*

Kyo: *glances at him curiously, stepping closer to the bars until he's pracitcally pressed aganst them*

Yuki: *lets go of his hands and touches his face gently, like the very first time he pet him up in his room a long time ago* I'll make you a promise, alright?

Kyo: *relaxes a little into the touch, leaning into it slightly* What?

Yuki: *glances briefly at Haru* If we can find any options to do before this one, we'll try them. I'll save this only as a last resort until everything else is exhausted. Ok? Or until I feel there aren't any more options left.

Kyo: *pauses a moment, still hating the idea of Yuki going back to Aki* ..Fine...

Haru: *nods his consent*

Yuki: *nods* Hopefully something better will come up. *smiles a little at him* I want you out of this cage and back home.

Kyo: And I don't want you anywhere near Akito..

Yuki: And I won't be, if we find something better.

Kyo: *nods* You'd better find something better, *smirks faintly* Damn Rat....

Yuki: *smiles faintly* Don't try to order me around, Idiot cat. You might hurt yourself.

Kyo: *smirks faintly* Shut the hell up

Yuki: *raises an eyebrow* How are you going to make me?

Kyo: *raises an eyebrow back* Why do I have to do it?

Yuki: You're the one that wants me to shut up. *glances at Haru* I don't think he has a problem with me. *smirks*

Haru: *smiles faintly back* I don't.. but the neighbors might. *inclines his head a little* It's not a good idea to stick around here too long.

Yuki: *winces a little* You're right...but... *looks back at Kyo, not wanting to leave*

Kyo: No, Haru's right. Somebody might tell Akito they found you guys over here.

Yuki: *smiles a little* I guess you're right... *tightens his hold on his hands a little more* I'm coming back. *watches him*

Kyo: You'd better. *smirks a little*

Yuki: *smiles a little, stepping back a small step, still touching him* I will. You can't get rid of me that easily Cat. Hiding in here isn't going to push me away.

Kyo: I should've known. *smiles a little back*

Yuki: *watches him, growing serious briefly* Yes, you should have. *smiles, lifting his hands to nuzzle them briefly and lets him go, walking back to Haru* Don't go anywhere, Cat. *winks playfully at him, looking back to Haru*

Kyo: I won't.. *raises an eyebrow at him, still smirking a little*

Haru: Later Kyo. *nods towards him before turning back to Yuki*

Yuki: See you soon Kyo, I promise. *smiles and turns back to Haru, taking his arm and starting down the path, thinking seriously*

Kyo: *lifts the arm hanging through the bars in a wave before drawing back into the cell* *smile drops from his face as he sighs heavily, leaning back against the wall with the window and sliding down until he's sitting with his legs to his chest* *stares at the sunlight streaming through the bars and onto the floor with dull eyes, no longer having to pretend he's fine since Yuki isn't around* *concentrates on the sunlight on the floor, refusing to look at the dismal walls he hates so much*

Haru: *walks with Yuki, watching him discreetly, but not saying anything*

Yuki: *continues walking and thinking a few moments quietly* Haru... There's nothing we really can do for him, is there?

Haru: I don't think so.. This is fate we're talking about

Yuki: *nods quietly* We all have our own fates don't we. All of our lives are tied into Akito somehow...no matter what we do we can't really escape it. But maybe we can help it... *looks ahead and straightens his back, all calm and confidence* Maybe it's time, as the Rat of the zodiac, for me to live up to mine finally.

Haru: *smirks faintly* Good luck. *grows serious again* I'll help you Yuki, if you ever need it, I'll be here.

Yuki: *smiles a little* Where I'm going Haru...you can't help me. Just... take care of Tohru for me? *looks at him*

Haru: I will, but I'll also help you. *looks back at him* Remember the legend? The Ox carried the Rat up the mountain on his back? The Ox helped the Rat back then, and he'll help him now too.

Yuki: You sure the Rat didn't trick and hurt the Ox back then? Riding him like a dumb animal? *smile fades a little and looks forward again* There's nothing you can do to help me Haru without hurting yourself.

Haru: You think the Rat actually hurt the Ox? *still looking at him* And I wouldn't care if I got hurt in the process, I still want to help you.

Yuki: *shrugs* He made a fool out of him, so yes I think he did. *shakes his head* There isn't anything you can do, so don't put yourself through it, ok?

Haru: *stops, looking at him* *calmly* You would do anything for Kyo because you love him. I'm in the same place, Yuki.

Yuki: *stops walking also, but doesn't look up at him* All I do is hurt you Haru, you deserve someone better than me.

Haru: It doesn't matter what I deserve. I love you and that's not going to change any time soon. *quietly* I just want to be able to do something more for you.

Yuki: *shakes his head* I don't know why you love me...when you know I can't return it. smiles* If you want to do something more for me, take care of Tohru. She's the most important person in my life and she's going to need it more now than ever.

Haru: ...Fine, I'll take care of Tohru, but I still want to help you whenever I can. Please..

Yuki: *smiles softly and touches his chin* Take care of yourself Haru and don't worry so much about me. I'll be fine. Just...don't tell Kyo about this, alright? *leans up and leaves a light kiss on his lips* I have to get home. Maybe I'll see you soon... don't get lost going home. *snickers and turns, walking back down the path in the forest towards Shigure's*

Haru: *sighs a little, tilting his head at Yuki's retreating figure, licking his lips subconsciously* *turns, heading back to the Main House, a million thoughts running through his mind*
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