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Kyo Sohma

Who: Kyo, Yuki, Kureno, Shigure, Akito, Tohru, Kagura
When: After the last one
Where: Main House, Hospital, Shigure's
What: Angst, futile reassurances, exhaustion
Pages: 26

Yuki *roaming around Shigure's house after realizing no one came home last night* *worried about Tohru as well as his talk yesterday still fresh in his mind*

Kagura: *wakes up on the couch in Hatori's office, eyes puffy and disoriented* *sits up and looks around* Haa-san? Shii-chan? *looks more* Ayame-san?

Kyo: *sitting against the right wall of the cell near the middle, the only place he can sit and see the sky over the edge of the roof of he cage* *stares out it blankly, wondering how Tohru and Yuki are doing*

Akito: *still asleep, the drug having been more effective since he hasn't eaten much the day before. starting to stir*

Shigure: *he's in hatori's kitchen attempting tea when he hears Kagura call out. Walks out and to the livingroom* Kagura, how are you feeling?

Kureno: *he's laying next to him quietly, watching him stir with a small smile*

Akito: *his eyes flutter open after a few moments and he looks at Kureno sleepily. closes his eyes again and curls closer to him*

Yuki *sighs, not liking the silence at all in the house, wanting to go out and see Kyo* *goes by the phone to check the machine, seeing no new messages*

Kureno: *lifts his hand and brushes a few strands out of his eyes, still waiting and watching him sleep*

Kagura: *rubs her eyes* Shii-chan... *winces* I have a headache...what happened? Why am I here?

Kyo: *wonders when the guy with the food tray will come and shove it through the crack under the door* *leans his head against the wall, wanting to be outside more than anything else*

Shigure: *smiles at her, turning back to the kitchen* Would you like some tea, Kagura? *ignores her questions, not wanting to distress her, so he lets her figure it out on her own*

Akito: *keeps his eyes closed* What time is it?

Yuki *worries more, wondering why neither Shigure nor Hatori have called him, hoping the best for Tohru* I have to get out of here... *doesn't want to stuff himself inside the house anymore and worry* *heads to the door and slips his shoes on*

Kureno: *looks at the clock quietly behind him, then turns back to Akito* Still early yet, how are you feeling?

Kagura: *nods a little and watches Shigure's retreating back* *confused*

Shigure: *smiles and goes to the kitchen, letting her work it out. looks at the phone and wonders what's taking Hatori. Picks it up and dials his cell*

Akito: Groggy *rubs his eyes and then opens them. frowns slightly* I don't remember going to bed.

Kureno: *sighs a little, rubbing hair out of his eyes again* You fell asleep at the table when I went to get Shigure for you. I carried you here.

Hatori: *in the ER waiting room, standing with a mug of coffee in one hand, his other one in his pocket* *glances down as his cell goes off and takes it out, flipping it open* Hatori Sohma. *sounds a little tired*

Yuki *steps out of the house and adjusts his off-white shirt a little, playing with the frog enclosures around his neck* *heads to the main house, knowing already where he wants to go*

Akito: *frowns* I fell asleep? Why didn't you wake me when he got here?

Kagura: *continues looking dazedly around, rubbing the redness from her eyes*

Kureno: I couldn't find him. *tilts his head a little* Do you want to rest longer? If you're groggy?

Yuki *continues down the path, thinking more about what he needs to do* *sighs a little as he comes up to the gate and turns, not going through it but along the outside*

Akito: *frowns more* He didn't come? *ignores his question*

Tohru: *blinks* *slowly waking up*

Shigure: *tries to put a smile in his voice* It's me, you sound tired. How is our little flower doing? *gets right to it*

Kureno: *shakes his head*

Tohru: *rubs her eyes and tries to look around a bit* *confused as to where she is*

Hatori: She should be sleeping now, I have yet to talk to her.

Yuki *continues walking nervously to the cage, blanking his expression so Kyo doesn't suspect anything* *sees the cage and stops, composing himself*

Tohru: *thinks- This looks like... I'm in the hospital? Why? Everything's...fuzzy...* *puts a hand to her head and sighs*
Shigure: You still haven't heard anything at all? It's been all night... *sounds a little worried*

Hatori: I talked to the doctor's, just not to Tohru.

Shigure: ...and?

Hatori: *sighs a little* She had a miscarriage.. She lost her baby.

Akito: *his brow furrows and he looks down* He didn't come... *says softly in disbelief*

Shigure: *sighs, leaning back against the counter, rubbing his forehead* And she doesn't know yet?

Hatori: She's been asleep.

Tohru: *head sways a bit, dizzy* *disjointed images come to her* *tears roll silently down her cheeks as she remembers what happened*

Yuki *firms his back and walks to the cage, stepping up on the bench carefully to not tear his black pants* *touches the sill, seeing the bowl still there, having forgotten to dispose of it* *sees the blood inside* *says his name quietly, in case he's sleeping*

Shigure: Have you checked in on her at all? *quiet*

Kureno: I couldn't find him again, so maybe he was detained. I could find him again for you...
Kyo: *blinks, just noticing Yuki's figure in the window* *stands a little shakily and walks over to the window* Hey..

Akito: *sits up and nods*

Hatori: I've been checking on her periodically, but she's been asleep. I was just about to check on her again.

Tohru: *looks around and sees that no one else is in the room* *wonders where everyone is, how everyone is...if Kyo is really locked up...*

Shigure: *nods, although he knows Hatori can't see him* Then go to it, and call me when you find out, alright? *clicks the phone off not waiting, thinking*

Hatori: *brings the phone from his ear, eyeing it, wondering about Shigure's attitude* *flips it shut and puts it back in pocket with a small shrug, setting the coffee on the table and going to the room* *knocks lightly on the door,

Teh Anti Square: just in case she is awake*

Kureno: *sits up also* Now?

Tohru: *looks at the door suddenly* ...Come in...

Akito: Yes now! *says harshly*

Hatori: *opens the door and steps in* Hello, how are you feeling?

Tohru: Ok...I mean, I guess it could be worse. *tries to smile* How is everyone else?

Yuki *sees him a little shaky and grows concerned, not showing it* *pulls up a small smile* How are you?

Hatori: *wonders if she knows she's had a miscarriage* Don't worry about them for now, concentrate on yourself. *slips his hands in his pockets* Do you want me to call in your doctor?

Tohru: *shakes her head* No, I'm alright. When can I leave?

Kyo: *scoffs a little* As fine as I can be I guess. *leans against the bars, looking at him* Whattabout you?

Yuki *continues looking at him, calm* I'm alright. We haven't heard from Hatori yet...or rather I haven't. No one came back last night.

Hatori: You've already had the operation, so you can leave after the doctor checks up on you. You might have some painful cramps though, so you're aware.

Kyo: *furrows his brow a little* Not even Shigure?

Tohru: *blinks* ...Operation? *is that why I feel so sore?*

Yuki *shakes his head* I think he's still at Hatori's. I'm not sure, I haven't been there yet.

Hatori: *nods* It's called a D and C. They basically made a minor incision in your stomach and scrapped the walls of your uterus.

Kyo: *sighs a little* Maybe you should go there.. Just in case they've heard anything about Tohru.

Tohru: *pales considerably* *trembles a bit, her eyes filling with tears*

Hatori: *glances down* I'm sorry, Honda-kun.

Yuki *nods slightly* I will, I'm headed there soon anyway. First... I wanted to talk to you.

Kyo: *tilts his head a little* About what?

Tohru: *looks down at her hands* ...It's ok, Hatori... *small voice*

Hatori: Would you like some time alone?

Yuki *crosses his arms on the sill, leaning on them* *looks away* Why did you leave?

Tohru: *shakes her head* No, it's ok. *sighs* Where is everyone? Is Kyo still....?

Kyo: *looks down also* *quietly* I told you already...

Kureno: *blanks himself and stands* Of course. *goes to the door*

Hatori: I'm not sure, I rode here with you in the ambulance. I haven't been back to the Main House at all. *lying a little; doesn't want to tell her Kyo's locked up when she just heard she had a miscarriage*

Shigure: *sighs frustrated and goes back to the living room with Kagura, holding a cup of tea out to her* *smiles* You alright?

Tohru: *blinks* Hatori! *sighs* You really need to make sure you're eating and sleeping right too...

Yuki No, you didn't. Not the full reason anyway... *looks up a little* You came back and then left permanently after that stupid attack. Why?

Hatori: *raises an eyebrow a little* I ate at the cafeteria here; I'm fine.

Kagura: *smiles and takes the cup* I'm alright... *winces* Is Kyo...?

Tohru: *nods absentmindedly* *goes to get out of bed and freezes, blushing* Um, Hatori...could you leave for a minute please? *needs to put on real clothes*

Kyo: *sighs, not looking up* *quietly* Because that just proved that I hurt you. I know it's not my fault your lungs are the way they are, but I didn't even think about that before.. *trails off, blushing slightly*

Shigure: *smiles and nods* Yes Kagura, he still is.

Hatori: *nods* Of course. *turns and leaves, closing the door behind him* *takes out his cellphone and dials his office*

Akito: *gets up and goes to the bathroom. freshens up a bit but doesn't look at his reflection. goes back to his room and sits down*

Tohru: *gets out of bed and finds her clothes* *gets dressed quickly* *the info hasn't really hit her yet*

Shigure: *hears the phone and stands to get it, smirking as he says* Hatori's not here at the moment, this is his love slave speaking. How can I help you? *knows who it is already*

Hatori: *expression darkens* I WILL hang up on you...

Shigure: *chuckles* Oh Hatori, I didn't know it was you. Sorry. *smirks*

Hatori: *raises an eyebrow* I'm sure.

Kureno: *makes his way to Hatori's office, suspecting him to be there* *knocks*

Yuki *blushes also* didn't do anything. It was my fault for staying out so late... *looks a bit confused* Proved?

Shigure: You know, I can almost hear that raised eyebrow. *chuckles and grows serious* How is she?

Kagura: *sips her tea, giggling a little at Shigure* *looks at the door at the knock*

Tohru: *washes her face in the bathroom sink and sighs*

Kyo: Yeah.. I kept telling you I hurt you but you kept sayin' I didn't.. That was the proof; no way you can deny I set your attack off.

Hatori: She's fine... for now. I think she needs some time to let it sink in completely.

Yuki *sighs* You didn't. Kyo, my attacks just happen, you or I don't have any control over when they happen. *looks up at him* You never set it off any other time, so why would this time be any different?

Shigure: *winces* Is there anything I can do? Does she need bed rest for a while?

Kyo: Because I was the one that was stopping you from breathing right.. *blushes a little more*

Hatori: I don't think so, and no. As soon as her doctor checks up on her she can go home.

Yuki *shakes his head again* I was already a little ill from the night before, it was bound to happen. *frowns at him* What started this attitude about hurting me all of a sudden? I've had attacks before, and we've fought... it's never gotten to you this badly before. Even the time I had an attack right after our fight in the kitchen.

Kureno: *knocks again, a little louder*
Kyo: I guess it was that party.. I made a mistake and thought I did something I really didn't. *shrugs a little, sheepish* Kagura talked sense into me though.

Tohru: *looks at herself in the mirror before going back into the room* *makes sure she has all her things and opens the door to leave*

Shigure: *looks at the door* Kagura, could you answer that please? *back to Hatori* How did she take it?

Kagura: *blinks at Shigure and nods, going to the door* Hello Kureno... *opens the door letting him in*

Hatori: Fairly calmly. She didn't do anything dramatic like scream or burst into tears. I don't know how she'll take it once it fully sinks in.

Kureno: *nods to her and walks in, stopping in the living room in front of Shigure*

Yuki *frowns more, confused* ...what did you think you did?

Shigure: *looks at Kureno* Hold on a minute Hatori. *looks at him* Yes Kureno?

Kyo: *doesn't meet his gaze* *mutters quietly* Raped you....

Kureno: Akito wants to see you.

Tohru: *continues walking out, hoping that someone will be home when she gets there*

Shigure: *blinks* Akito? Why?

Kagura: *walks in and sits on the couch, watching them*

Kureno: *stares at him wordlessly, raising a brow at him*

Hatori: *glances up as Tohru comes in and tilts the phone away from his mouth* Honda-kun, you still need to see the doctor.

Tohru: *shakes her head* No, that's ok. I'm fine. I just want to go home. Thank you so much for your help though. *bows slightly* *starts walking away*

Shigure: *frowns and says into the phone* She's probably in shock, just stay with her until I can get there? I have to go...see Akito.

Kureno: *sighs blanking his look, waiting*

Hatori: *frowns a little* Honda-kun, please. It won't take but a minute. *turns back to the phone, frowns more* I don't think so Shigure, she just wants to go home. Why does Akito want to see you though? *confused*

Tohru: *pales slightly at hearing Akito's name* I-I'm sorry. I really need to go. *walks out of the room*

Shigure: Then stay at the house with her, unless Yuki's home. And I don't know why, can't keep the god waiting though. *sighs* I'll talk to you later, just watch her, please?

Yuki *freezes, staring at him quietly*

Hatori: I will; you be careful around him. *doesn't wait for a response, flipping the phone shut and following Tohru out the door* *raises his voice for her to hear without him shouting* Honda-kun.

Tohru: *stops, still quite pale* *turns to look and him and forces herself to smile* Yes?

Shigure: *chuckles and hangs up* Guess that was payback. *looks at Kagura* You can stay here if you like or go home. I might be a while. *looks at Kureno*

Kureno: *nods a little and turns, going out the door*

Hatori: Please, just let the doctor check on you. It will only take a few minutes. He needs to make sure everything's alright.

Kagura: *nods quietly* Be careful Shii-chan... *still upset*

Tohru: I promise, I feel fine. I just... I don't want to be here anymore. I want to go home.

Shigure: *smiles at her and follows Kureno, going to the main house, slightly apprehensive*

Kyo: *doesn't look at him, keeping the silence*

Yuki *frowns, asking quietly* ....why?

Akito: *sitting at the table with his back to the door*

Hatori: *studies her a minute before sighing a little* All right.. but let me drive you to Shigure's so you there's not risk or over-exerting yourself.

Tohru: I don't want to be a bother Hatori... I can walk. *smiles politely, though strained*

Kureno: *leads Shigure stoicly to the main house, not bothering to knock and going through the door. Stops at Akito's door, staring hard at Shigure before turning and walking away*

Kyo: *shrugs* *still muttering* Just.. all these bits and pieces of scenes in my head... They just pieced together the wrong way I guess..

Shigure: *ignores the look and straightens his clothes, borrowed from Hatori's room (not his underwear drawer though, he doesn't prefer smilies)* *knocks quietly*

Hatori: Shigure requested I stay with you Tohru, and I think it's a good idea as well.

Akito: *doesn't turn* Enter

Hatori: Thank you. Will you let me drive you there? I assure you it's no bother.

Yuki ...But.....that way? You actually thought you raped me? Why didn't you just ask me? When you ran... I thought... *finches and looks down*

Tohru: *nods meekly, looking at her feet*

Shigure: *sighs and walks in, not his usual way but somber. kneels on the floor with his head bowed, waiting*

Kyo: *scoffs a little* What was I supposed to say? "Hey, when we got drunk did I rape you?" *shakes his head a little, frowning* ..You thought what..?

Akito: *doesn't speak for a bit* ...why didn't you come yesterday? *still doesn't turn*

Hatori: *nods a little* Thank you. *starts to lead her down the hall, towards the elevators*

Shigure: *looks a little confused, but doesn't show it* You sent me away, I didn't think it best to.

Tohru: *follows halfheartedly* ...Hatori?

Akito: I sent Kureno to get you! He said you were coming, but you never came. Why didn't you come?

Hatori: *presses the elevator button, then looks back at her* Yes?

Yuki You could have said something... all this time you thought... *shakes his head and sighs, not meeting his eyes* *blushes a bit, not answering his question*

Kyo: *ignores the first part of what he said, pressing* What did you think??

Tohru: Have you heard anything about Akito at all? Does he know?

Shigure: *lifts his head and blinks, frowning a bit... wonders if it's another of his delusional spells and if he should play along*
Hatori: *shakes his head a little* He shouldn't know.. He would have no way of knowing.

Tohru: ..Is he...alright?

Yuki *sighs* I thought...I had made a mistake.

Hatori: I'm sorry, but I don't know. I haven't seen him recently.

Kyo: *blinks* Mistake?

Tohru: Something isn't right with him. Everyone knows but... no one does anything. Why? *tears up* Kyo's been locked up and... Akito's... not right... And no one can say or do anything...

Akito: I waited and you never came. Why didn't you come?

Yuki *nods, blushing and still not meeting his eyes* I was drunk...but... *quietly* I still made my own coherent choices.

Hatori: *quietly* Because there's nothing we can do Honda-kun, except play our own parts. *elevator doors slide open* *waits for Tohru to go in first*

Kyo: *frowns a little* I don't think there were any mistakes... *still confused*
Tohru: *sighs* *gets in the elevator*

Shigure: ...... *blinks* I thought it best not to, you told me earlier that I wasn't welcome here.

Hatori: *steps in and hits the 1st floor button*

Tohru: Play your parts.... so... Was this... planned?

Yuki I guess not now... but after... when you ran... *looks up at him a little* I thought you regretted it... That maybe, you didn't want to go that far with me and I'd made a mistake.

Hatori: No... but neither was you coming into our lives. These things happen and the only thing we all can do about it is continue what we're supposed to, whether by our own volation or by Akito's orders.

Akito: But Kureno told you I wanted to see you! *looks at him finally. his eyes show anger and hurt* Why didn't you come? You knew I wanted to see you! Why?!

Kyo: *winces* Sorry.. I didn't think that at all, really. *smiles a little*

Tohru: Why is he acting this way?

Hatori: I'm not sure, but I believe it's his death looming over him. He doesn't believe he can be cured and has lost any hope he had, turning him bitter again.

Shigure: *softens his look* I would have loved to see you... but you weren't happy with me. You still think me suspicious.

Tohru: I... I haven't tried hard enough then. *bites her lip* I failed him. I failed all of you....

Yuki *rolls his eyes slightly* Yeah, you just thought you'd raped me and started avoiding me.

Hatori: *shakes his head* No Honda-kun, none of this is your fault. Akito is the one that chose to live this way.

Kyo: *scowls at him a little* Well I didn't figure you'd want the guy that had raped you around.

Akito: I don't care. I want you here with me! Where you belong.

Tohru: *shakes her head* No, but... He was changing. I know he was. I just didn't try hard enough. *starts crying, face in hands* I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Shigure: I'm sorry... *still a little confused, but thinking it delusion*

Hatori: *sets his hand on her shoulder gently* Yes he was changing, and that was thanks to you, but his bitterness is not your fault. *more firmly*

Akito: *frowns and turns his back to him again* Kureno is the only one who listens. He stayed with me while I waited. I fell asleep waiting for you.

Yuki I told you that you've never hurt me...why didn't you just say something? Pushing me away and saying you hated me did hurt. More than anything.

Tohru: *shakes her head* I've just... I've just made everything worse now.

Kyo: *winces* *quietly* I didn't know what to say.. You know I'm not good at that kinda stuff..

Shigure: *plans to ask Kureno about this later and stays quiet*

Yuki You still could have talked to me about it... *looks at him* And not jumped out the window and ran when I came to talk.

Hatori: Honda-kun, listent to me. *looks at her firmly* It was not your fault in any way, shape, or form, that Akito is like this. It's nobody's fault. Blaming yourself will only hurt you more and won't help anyone. *softens his voice* You don't need that stress, so don't blame yourself for something beyond your control.

Akito: ....*his kimono is loose and he pulls it up more. Stifles a cough. his throat is sore. vaguely thinks about asking Kureno to bring tea.*

Tohru: It wasn't enough... I couldn't protect him. I couldn't protect anyone...

Kyo: *winces again* What is this, a guilt trip?? I know I screwed up okay? And I'm sorry..

Shigure: *shifts in his kneel, not knowing what else he can say. Sighs a little and takes a chance, going up behind him* Akito...

Hatori: *narrows his eyes a little, those words bringing up painful memories* Honda-kun, stop. It's not your duty to protect us and it never was.

Akito: *looks at him out of the corner of his eye, but doesn't move*

Yuki *flinches and looks down* I'm sorry... I just, don't understand why...

Tohru: I know but... I wanted to... And I couldn't. I couldn't do it.

Kyo: Why what? I made a mistake... that's all. I screwed up again.

Shigure: *straightens Akito's kimono on his shoulder* What brought on this suspicion of me?
Yuki Why is it so hard for you to talk to me?

Hatori: *rubs his forehead a little* Don't shoulder a blame that isn't yours. You're just hurting yourself.

Akito: *doesn't answer for a moment* They things you say contradict what I've heard.

Kyo: *shrugs a little* *mutters* It's not just you.. I just don't talk to people..

Tohru: *nods, lost in thought*

Hatori: *keeps the silence, stepping out of the elevator as its door slide open, turning back a little to wait for Tohru*

Tohru: *follows Hatori*

Yuki *smirks faintly* Unless you're trapped... When you're out we'll have to change that.

Hatori: *leads her out of the hospital and to his car, going around to the drivers side and unlocking it*

Shigure: *watches him carefully, trying not to overstep his bounds again, not quite yet* Such as?

Tohru: *follows halfheartedly*

Kyo: *smirks a little, but doesn't look at him* *thinks: IF I get out..*

Hatori: *gets in the car and waits for Tohru to do the same*

Yuki *watches him* You are getting out of here. One way or another. *reaches through the bars, touching his shoulder* *quietly* I'm cold without the sun behind me...

Akito: Such as saying you didn't see Hatori and that... that... *trails off*

Shigure: *curious* And that...?

Kyo: *blinks, looking up at him* *smiles faintly, but warmly*

Tohru: *gets in the car and buckles her seatbelt*

Akito: That you've been up to something. And the things about Yuki.

Hatori: *buckles his own and starts the car, driving to Shigure's*

Shigure: *looks at him then away* But you locked the cat early, so I suppose you've found out that I wasn't lying about them...

Akito: *blinks and looks up at him* Them?

Tohru: *thinks-I failed. I tried to help and failed. Akito warned me... and I didn't listen. How could it go this badly mom? How?* *cries silently*

Yuki *smiles more* I miss you, Idiot. Don't go getting yourself locked up again or I'll kick your ass for sure next time.

Hatori: *stays quiet, having already said what he needed to* *pulls up to Shigure's driveway and turns off the car*

Shigure: *nods* Kyo and Yuki. That is why you locked Kyo after all... *not looking at his face, but growing confused*

Kyo: *makes a small face at him* Whatever you say Rat Boy; don't expect me to go down without a fight though

Tohru: *gets out of the car, walks towards the house quietly*

Yuki You call that a fight? *smirks*

Hatori: *gets out as well, but goes around to the porch to wait for Shigure, fishing in his pockets for his cigarette's and leaving Tohru to have her privacy*

Akito: *his eyes widen* ...I locked up the monster, because he asked not to be. I locked him up to show him his place. *his eyes narrow dangerously* What doesn't Yuki have to do with it?

Kyo: You haven't seen anything yet! I'll kick your ass as soon as I get out of here just to show you. *smirks challengingly*

Shigure: *tenses, eyes shooting back to Akito* *censored thoughts* Nothing.

Tohru: *goes inside and makes tea* *robotic-like, just going through the motions without any feeling, still lost in thought over what has happened*

Yuki *snorts* You could try. *raises an eyebrow*

Akito: Then why did you bring him up?

Shigure: *smiles a little* No reason...

Hatori: *takes out a cigarette and lights it, sitting on the edge of the porch, elbows on his knees, smoking slowly and thoughtfully*

Kyo: I WILL try, and I'll win to! *smirks more*

Tohru: *sets the tea and cups onto a tray and brings them outside* *looks at Hatori* Tea?

Hatori: *glances at her and takes a cup* Thank you.

Yuki *looks boredly amused, laying his head on his forearms and looking up at him* Keep dreaming Kitty Cat. *smiles*

Tohru: *sits down and sips on her tea*

Kyo: It won't be a dream soon enough *narrows his eyes at him playfully*

Akito: *his eyes are still narrowed. wraps his hand around shigure's wrist and tugs so he will sit*

Hatori: *doesn't smoke in front of her, but keeps it lit, hanging from his fingers* *sips his tea*

Tohru: *sips her tea* ...You can smoke that you know. It's going to go out soon if you aren't careful.

Shigure: *stumbles out of his kneel and sits behind him, mentally apologizing to them*

Yuki Sure, it'll be an embarrassment. When you try and fail...

Hatori: It's alright.

Akito: *lets go of his wrist and wraps his arms loosely around shigure's neck. whispers in his ear* Don't lie to me. Tell me why you brought up Yuki

Tohru: *nods*

Kyo: Shut the hell up.. *smirks*

Hatori: *sips more of his tead quietly*

Shigure: *sighs and sets his hands on his waist, knowing he's done for* *I'm sorry Yuki* I thought you may have already found out. You've already locked up the cat, it doesn't matter now.

Tohru: ...So what do we do now?

Akito: *lays his head on his shoulder* Found out what?

Yuki *smirks, still laying on his arms* Make me Kitten.

Shigure: *doesn't answer, trying to come up with a quick lie*

Hatori: Wait for Shigure, I suppose.

Tohru: *shakes head* I mean.... What about Akito? And Kyo?

Akito: Found out what? *his tone shows that he wants an answer. now.*

Kyo: *narrows his eyes a little more* *shift over and leans forward with a smirk, pressing his lips against Yuki's; effectively shutting him up*

Hatori: *sips his tea thoughtfully a moment* I'm not sure.. I will continue to work for a cure for Akito's disease. I doubt Akito will let Kyo out anytime soon though.

Tohru: *stares at her tea* ...What do I do?

Shigure: *sighs, falling back into his role* About their closeness.

Hatori: Concentrate on yourself and the people in this house.. and stay away from Akito.
Akito: Closeness? *presses him to continue*

Tohru: *tears up* He hates me, doesn't he?

Hatori: I don't believe he really hates you. He's just... unstable right now.

Tohru: But why? He seems so much worse than normal. I never thought that he'd.... *trails off*
Shigure: *closes his eyes, going expressionless* What did I say last time we all got together here? They're close.

Yuki *smirks, pressing forward a little, unfazed by the bars* *thinks: cheater*

Akito: Close how? *places a hand on his cheek*

Hatori: *quietly* This is more or less what Akito was like before you came here..

Tohru: *sighs* *sips her tea* Will you be able to find a cure?

Kyo: *nips lightly at his bottom lip, sliding his eyes shut*

Hatori: Yes. *determined*

Tohru: Will he get better?

Shigure: *tenses at his hand, sliding a calm smile on* Maybe the Cat and Rat aren't enemies after all.

Akito: *scoffs* Not enemies? *strokes his cheek and trails his hand down to his neck* They have always been enemies. That's the way it is.

Shigure: Things change Akito...

Akito: They shouldn't *says icily and leans against him*

Yuki *smirks more and bites him back as punishment*

Tohru: *leans back against the house and closes her eyes*

Shigure: *stays still* They do.

Kyo: *nips him harder, then runs his tongue along his upper lip slowly*

Akito: I don't like it *closes his eyes*

Hatori: *fingers his cigarette without looking at it, taking another sip of tea*

Shigure: Obviously

Tohru: *drifts off*

Hatori: *finishes off his tea, setting the empty mug back on the tray*

Akito: Don't be cheeky. I'm already cross with you. *strokes his cheek again gently*

Yuki *meets his tongue teasingly, pressing into the kiss more then backs off, ending it* *smiles a little at him, apologetically* I can't stay....

Shigure: *doesn't speak, hoping his attention is off of Yuki now that he's focused on something else*

Kyo: *scowls a little and sighs* Fine..

Akito: Next time Kureno tells you I want to see you, you will come straight to see me. Is that understood?

Yuki *sighs, looking away* I'm sorry...

Kyo: Nah.. it's alright. I understand

Tohru: *snoring softly* *out cold*

Shigure: *nods, relieved* Of course, Akito.

Hatori: *glances back at her, then stands, walking more towards the front of the house before lighting up again, inhaling deeply*

Akito: *pulls back and looks at his face* I hurt you yesterday... *brushes some of his bangs out of his face*

Yuki *reaches up and tugs on his orange bangs lightly* You'll be out soon, then we won't have to worry. *thinks: If I'm not living at the house by then* *brings up a smile to cover*

Shigure: *chuckles, opening his eyes* Nothing I can't handle...

Kyo: *nods* Good.. *hates this place with every fiber of his being*

Akito: I lost my temper. Everyone's been testing my patience. Even Kureno. *fingers a lock of shigure's hair*

Yuki *brings his hand back down, replacing it where it was, still laying on it* *goes quiet, thinking, not wanting to leave yet but knowing it's probably better if he did*

Kyo: Go ahead and go. They might know something about Tohru by now

Shigure: I understand... *stays still*

Yuki *looks back up at him* I should... Will you be alright?

Kyo: *raises an eybrow at him* Ain't like I'm going anywhere..
Yuki *doesn't move his eyes off him* That's what I mean.

Akito: You may come here without a summons. *starts to pull away*

Kyo: ...*smiles a little* Yeah, I'll be fine

Yuki *raises an eyebrow, not believing him but not pushing it* *sighs and straightens, reluctantly moving away from the sill*

Kyo: ..You'll let me know anything you hear about Tohru, right?

Yuki *looks up at him, stepping off the bench* *smiles* Of course. Next time I come...

Kyo: *nods* Kay

Shigure: *smirks* Taking off my leash?

Akito: *returns his smirk slightly* Never, just giving you a bit more slack.

Yuki *smile softens* I'll see you soon, Kyo.

Shigure: *chuckles* I should have known better.

Kyo: *smiles back a little* You'd better

Akito: *leans near his ear. his lips just barely brush him as he speaks softly* I will never let you go.

Yuki *smiles more and turns, starting down the path* *throws back at him* What'd I say about ordering me around Cat?

Kyo: You'd think I'd listen to some Rat?? *smirks*

Shigure: *smiles, a little sadly but not phased* Of course not.

Yuki *snorts* Course not, my words can't pass the barrier in that thick skull of yours.

Kyo: Better than having a big head like you!

Akito: *scoffs* You'd like that though, wouldn't you? *pulls away* *stifles another cough and wonders where kureno is at the moment*

Yuki *looks back at him* At least it's not thick-skulled and empty.

Kyo: *scowls playfully at him* It's not as empty as yours is!

Yuki *lifts an eyebrow* You call that a comeback?

Kyo: More like the truth *smirks again*

Tohru: *....still asleep*

Yuki I think you've been in there too long, you've become delusional. *sighs, saddened* Darn. *smirks*

Kyo: *makes a face at him* I thought you were leaving!

Yuki *chuckles* I am I am... *waves a hand in dismissal* See you soon. *smiles at him warmly then takes the path down to the houses toward the gate*

Kyo: *smiles a little at his back, watching him until he can't see him anymore* *turns, going back to sitting against the wall and looking out the window, but feeling better than he was before.. though also concerned* *hopes Tohru is alright..*

Yuki *reaches the gate and takes the path to Shigure's house, deciding not to visit the main house* *walks down further until he gets to the house, seeing Hatori smoking out front* *doesn't meet his eyes and walks past him, spotting Tohru on the porch*

Hatori: *glances at Yuki as he passes by, but doesn't say anything*

Tohru: *still sleeping peacefully*

Yuki *goes up to Tohru quietly and kneels by her, looking at her sadly* *quietly* Is she alright?

Hatori: Physically, yes. Emotionally.. I'm not quite sure. *remembers her episode in the elevator with a faint frown*

Shigure: *watches him, but doesn't bother to comment, knowing it's better not to, and doesn't really feel the need*

Kureno: *lost somewhere in the house*

Yuki What happened?

Hatori: *takes another long drag* *exhales before speaking* She had a miscarriage..

Akito: *crosses his arms on the table and lays his head on them. coughs but doesn't want to call for kureno or hatori*

Yuki *sighs, bowing his head* *touches her hair gently*

Shigure: *looks at him calmly* Are you alright Akito?

Akito: Yes *doesn't bring his head up*

Hatori: *doesn't say anything, going back to smoking*

Tohru: *doesn't stir*

Yuki *still doesn't look at him, all his attention on Tohru* Why do we let him do these things? She doesn't deserve this...

Hatori: It's beyond our control.

Shigure: You're coughing a lot, did you want me to call Hatori?

Akito: No, don't call him. My throat is just dry.

Yuki *small smile* This destiny we're all part of... He's not God. Why do we listen to him? *knows the answers already, but asking anyway*

Hatori: We owe our lives to him. The least we can do is obey him as if he were God.

Shigure: Would you like a drink then?

Akito: *doesn't say anything, but then nods* Yes

Yuki *smiles* But yet most of us don't, since she came along... *runs his fingers through her hair* I'm going home.

Hatori: To Akito. *not a question*

Yuki *doesn't say anything, but makes a small noise of confirmation, knowing he knows*

Shigure: *smirks* Your wish is my command. *stands* I'll send Kureno in for you
Hatori: *already knows he won't be able to talk Yuki out of it, so doesn't waste his breath trying, going back to his cigarette*

Akito: *doesn't say anything or move*

Yuki *doesn't bother looking at him, eyes still on Tohru* *decides not to wake her and moves, putting an arm under her knees, another to her back to lift her gently*

Tohru: *still asleep* *curls up in his arms instinctively*

Shigure: *walks out and finds Kureno. Tells him to bring Akito some tea and doesn't go back into the room. Instead, walks out of the house completely*

Yuki *carries her to the couch and sets her down gently, pulling a blanket over her* *kneels by her, watching her quietly*

Kureno: *gets tea ready for Akito, putting in another sleeping powder, just in case. takes it to him and sets it next to him on the table, as well as a bowl of soup* You're tea Akito.

Tohru: *snoring softly* *turns over in her sleep*

Akito: *sits up and picks up the tea, taking a drink to relieve his parched throat. doesn't touch the soup*

Yuki *smiles softly, continuing to watch over her*

Kureno: *quietly* You should eat Akito.

Shigure: *leaves the complex completely, looking tired and drawn from the past couple of days. heads home*

Akito: *scowls, but feels too groggy to argue. eats some of his soup*

Kureno: *sits next to him, patiently waiting*

Shigure: *arrives home and sees Hatori out front. smiles tiredly at him* How is she?

Akito: *only eats about half of the soup and then goes back to drinking his tea*

Hatori: She's alright. She's sleeping now. Yuki just took her inside.

Shigure: *nods and looks to the door* Yuki's home?

Hatori: He got here not too long ago.

Kureno: *looks over at him* You should finish your soup, you haven't eaten in a while...

Akito: I'm not hungry *his words are a bit slurred from being drugged. again.*

Shigure: *smirks a little, not too tired for gossip* He did...I wonder where he was? *chuckles*

Kureno: Still, you should eat this once. I won't push you next time.

Hatori: I didn't ask him. *drops the cigarette on the ground and crushes It out, sliding both hands into his pockets*
Shigure: Hmm.. *looks at Hatori* Something on your mind?

Akito: *considers for a moment and then picks up the spoon again* Fine *proceeds to finish the soup*

Hatori: *shrugs, not looking at him* How as Akito?

Kureno: *smiles quietly, waiting*

Shigure: Back and forth as always. I can go over without being summoned again now. *chuckles* I almost made another mistake, but he forgot about it.

Hatori: Mistake?

Shigure: Slipping about Kyo and Yuki... I thought he already knew.

Akito: *finishes the soup and then picks up the cup. just holds the warm cup in his icy hands and stares at the liquid inside*

Kureno: *waits, not worried*

Hatori: *makes a noncommital noise, thinking quietly for a few moments* He's going to find out soon, especially with things the way they are now.

Shigure: *nods* If someone doesn't catch Yuki at the cat's cage first...

Tohru: *wakes slowly*

Akito: *finishes the last bit of tea and then sets the cup down. his eyes droop a bit as the sleeping powder takes affect*

Hatori: Yuki told me was going back to Akito. I think he's going for Kyo.

Kureno: *looks at him quietly*

Shigure: By now, it wouldn't surprise me. *looks back to the house* though he has good intentions, I hope it doesn't back fire on him.

Hatori: They just might. Akito is very unpredictable..

Yuki *lost in his own thoughts by now, not noticing anything* *a little worn out*

Akito: *feels extremely tired, but tries to fight it, doesn't want to sleep. he can't win against the chemical though*

Shigure: But what can you do? If he's determined, there's no swaying him. And there's no going against Akito...

Kureno: *brushes hair from his eyes* Are you alright? Your throat still dry?

Hatori: I'm aware.

Tohru: *fidgets a bit, now fully awake* *rubs her eyes and yawns*

Shigure: *his smile lacks it's usual charm* Then all that's left is to watch.

Akito: *blinks a bit and looks over at him. the words take a moment to register in his mind* No, I'm not thirsty any more

Yuki *looks up from his kneel startled, watching her* *smiles* Good morning Honda-san.

Hatori: *finally looks over at him* Yes.. though you've never been one to just sit back and watch events unfold before you.

Tohru: *smiles* Hello Yuki.

Shigure: *chuckles and turns, looking out into the forest* No, I haven't been have I? *smile grows* Maybe I'm just tired.

Yuki Have a nice nap?

Kureno: *nods calmly* Good then... You look tired...?

Hatori: *closes his eyes* *quietly* Aren't we all..

Tohru: *nods* Yes thank you. *looks around* Where is everyone?

Yuki Hatori is still outside. I'm not sure where Shigure is...

Tohru: *looks down* ...And Kyo?

Shigure: *looks over at him* You should get some rest.

Yuki *falters, turns his eyes away not answering her*

Akito: *shakes his head in protest and rubs his eyes. it's a childlike mannerism that doesn't really fit such a jaded young man*

Tohru: ....I see.

Hatori: *opens his eyes and looks at him* So should you.

Shigure: *smiles* I won't be for a while. I have youngsters to look after... *snorts* And a deadline.

Kureno: *has a faint smile on his lips and touches his head gently* You should lay down, just rest. You don't have to sleep.

Hatori: *nods a little, sympathizing*

Tohru: ...We have to get him out.

Yuki *nods softly* He won't be in there long.

Tohru: *looks at him* How do you know?

Akito: Mmm... *nods and gets up to go over to his futon*

Shigure: *sighs* Well. *smile brightens* It isn't everyday that you're here, want to sit a while? I can make tea... *raises a brow at him* Since yours seems to be in your boxer drawer.

Yuki *smiles faintly* I just know.

Hatori: *raises a brow back, having no idea what he's talking about* No, I need to go back to the hospital. I've been away from there too long.

Tohru: *sighs* I failed Akito... But I won't fail Kyo. I don't want to chance it. What if he's in there for the rest of his life? Like the other cats?

Yuki *determined* He won't be.

Shigure: *pouts a little* Well, if you must you must... but you should at least rest a little before going back. Give yourself a clearer mind after the past couple days.

Tohru: ....

Yuki *doesn't look at her*

Tohru: *starts crying*

Yuki *blinks, looks up at her surprised* Tohru? *touches her arm* What's wrong?

Kureno: *watches him walk to the futon quietly, making sure he doesn't fall*

Hatori: I know..
Shigure: You know...but will you?

Tohru: *shakes her head* I-I'm sorry... *gets up and goes up to her room quickly*

Akito: *lays down, more like plops, onto his futon. doesn't even bother to get under the covers*

Hatori: *sighs a little* Yes.

Yuki *sits stunned, not knowing what caused that* .... *wonders if he should follow or not*

Shigure: *smiles* Good. Then off with you, get in a few hours. *shoos him off*

Hatori: Consider resting yourself. *turns, pulling out his car keys and going over to his car*

Yuki *sighs, deciding not to and climbs up on the couch, laying down and staring blankly at the turned off tv*

Kureno: *goes over to him and pulls up the blankets, waiting quietly*

Shigure: I will, when I can. *watches him go* Take care of yourself. And don't worry, your office isn't so much of a mess. *winks*

Akito: *mumbles incoherently, already mostly asleep*

Hatori: *spares him a raised eyebrow before getting in the car, turning it on, backing out the driveway and driving off to the Main House*

Shigure: *chuckles and turns, going back into the house. spots Yuki on the couch and goes over to him* Where's tohru?

Kureno: Get some sleep Akito, you'll feel better later... *quietly backs away and leaves out the door*

Akito: *falls into a deep sleep*

Yuki *doesn't look up* She ran up to her room upset.

Shigure: *a look of mock surprise crosses his face* Naughty boy, you didn't try to proposition her this soon did you? Scandalous.

Yuki .............

Shigure: Tsk tsk. I though I taught you better than that.

Yuki *grabs the remote and throws it at him, glaring* Idiot.
Shigure: *gets smacked in the head. rubs it* So mean... *smiles* But I got you out of your mood, didn't I? *winks, goes back to his study*

Yuki ........ *stares after him*

Shigure: *sits in his chair with a small smile, going back to try to work on his book*

Tohru: *cries herself to sleep in her room*

Yuki *sighs exasperated and goes out to the porch to sit a while* ..... stupid Dog. *smiles faintly and stares at the sky, watching the sun quietly* *stares into it warmly and thinks of Tohru, hoping she'll be ok...*
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