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Who: Akito and Yuki
What: An offer
When: After an unrped visit with Kyo, the next couple days or so.
Where: Main House

((ooc: *is embarrassed* Uh yeah, this and the next was rped a while ago but...um...I kinda forgot about posting it again. ^^;; *grovels* I'm sorry! lol So I'm catching up. ^_^ The beginning starts out where Yuki's coming back from Kyo's cage, and it wasn't rped so you're not missing out on anything. ^^ Sorry if it's confusing...))

Yuki: *fiddling with his shirt collar and thinking, walking from Kyo's cage with slow steps* *sighs quietly, thinking it's better to try then to sit back and not do anything at all, so heads to the path that leads into the gate, pulling on his long sleeved, lavender embroidered kimono over his darker red shirt* *steels himself quietly, stepping onto the path*

Akito: *in his room wrapped in his own twisted mind. there is a plate of food on the table that he hasn't touched and he sits with his head propped on one fist as he stares at nothing*

Yuki: *straightens his kimono nervously, thinking that Kyo will NOT like this if and when he finds out...* *shuts that thought out of his mind quickly as he fastens the enclosures on the delicate material, walking up to the main house* *hesitates slightly, taking a brief glance to see if anyone is watching, then knocks quietly*

RS134: *opens the door and blinks in surprise* Yuki-san?

Yuki: *smiles faintly and bows his head* Hello...is Akito-sama seeing visitors?

RS134: *gapes for a moment* Er... just a second *bows and then runs off to tell Akito Yuki is here to see him. knocks on the door*

Akito: *glances at the closed door* What?

RS134: *enters and kneels and bows low* Akito-sama, Yuki-san has come to see you. If you are seeing visitors at the moment.

Yuki: *waits patiently by the door for the servant to return, waling to the edge of the porch to look up at the sun* *smiles faintly and closes his eyes, enjoying it for a while as he waits, remembering the last time he saw a sunset...* *wonders if they'll be able to do that again soon...*

Akito: *his eyes widen in surprise* ...Show him in.

RS134: *bows again and then goes back to the front door* Akito-sama will see you

Yuki: *turns when she comes back and smiles, nodding* Thank you.

RS: *takes him to Akito's room and leaves*

Yuki: *follows, then watches her leave, turning back to the door and knocking quietly again*

Akito: Enter *kneeling at the table. curious as to why he's here but doesn't let it show on his face*

Yuki: *straightens the kimono one more time and clears his face* *walks in quietly with his head bowed, being respectful since Akito's string of abuse on the others* *kneels facing him and bows low* Hello Akito-sama.

Akito: Hello Yuki... *watches him with only mild interest showing on his face*

Yuki: *smiles faintly and a bit sarcastically* How have you been? *glances up at him through his bangs, noting the interested expression*

Akito: *ignores his question* Why are you here?

Yuki: *straightens a little, looking down with a small smile* I can't just come by to visit?

Akito: *smirks faintly* You can, but you don't.

Yuki: *nods slightly* Your right...and I should. Though...with how you're guests have walked out, maybe it's better I haven't? *looks up at him calmly*

Akito: *his eyes narrow slightly* They got what was coming to them.

Yuki: *watches him* They probably have... but even Kyo and Tohru?

Akito: Yes, even them. *his eyes harden* Especially them.

Yuki *quietly* Why?

Akito: It doesn't concern you.

Yuki: *smiles faintly and looks down* Aside from Shigure and Kureno... I thought you'd want to share with me. I was wrong? You don't trust me then? *flinches internally*

Akito: *frowns slightly* ...It's the cat's destiny to be locked up and that girl has stuck her nose into our business more than she should.

Yuki: Still, it isn't a reason to act that way to her...she's naive. It's the only way she knows how to be for us... *glances up* And isn't it the Cat's destiny to be locked after his graduation...if he hasn't beaten the Rat by then? From what I've heard?

Akito: The Cat will never beat the Rat. It doesn't matter how much time he's given he will never ever beat the Rat. *says indifferently*

Yuki: *quietly* But is it right to lock him up so early...and not give him the chance? He still has a while before graduation...

Akito: What's the point? He's destined to fail. Besides, he needs to learn his place. *narrows his eyes slightly* What does it matter to you?

Yuki: *falters slightly and looks down, small smile still in place* It doesn't matter to me. I had just wondered... it's a shame someone should be locked away so young. Even if he is the Cat... If he had beaten me...would he still be locked?

Akito: *shrugs slightly* There was no chance that he would beat you, but yes, that was the deal.

Yuki: And if he had beaten me... would there have been punishment for the Rat as well?

Akito: I didn't consider it. *glares slightly* That Cat cannot beat the Rat. I had no reason to consider it.

Yuki: *looks up calmly and matter-of-fact* He already has.

Akito: *blinks, falters* What?

Yuki: *smiles slightly* He already has.

Akito: *his eyes widen* How? When? *completely shocked*

Yuki: *looks down to the floor quietly* Does it matter when? The Cat already has beaten the Rat. Your deal is false.

Akito: How?! That can't be true! The monster would have said if he had!

Yuki: *winces and looks down, not wanting to comment on why Kyo might not have said why* *stays quiet*

Akito: *in denial* It's not true. It's not true! The Cat can never beat the Rat!

Yuki: He has...so he should be let go. *glances up*

Akito: *glares* No! It's not true! I won't let that monster go free!

Yuki: *falters* Then...you would be going back on a deal. On your word... *flinches* .....what if the Rat took punishment for him? It would only be honest. Since he has beaten me, I should be the one with a punishment, not him.

Akito: *freezes and looks over at Yuki. his eyes are wide and he looks uncertain* You want to take the cat's punishment instead?

Yuki: I want the bargain to be fair and him to be let free... If it means punishment, then yes. *bows his head* I want to come home.

Akito: You... you want to come home? *repeats in shock*

Yuki: *nods quietly, not looking up*

Akito: ...*gets up and then kneels directly in front of him. places a finger under yuki's chin and tilts his head up::

Yuki: *let's him do it, looking up and watching him calmly*

Akito: *looks in his eyes* You would come home in exchange for the cat's freedom? You would stay here with me?

Yuki: *doesn't look away, says quietly and determined* Yes.

Akito: *slowly a small smile forms on his face* How I've missed you Yuki... *wraps his arms around his neck and lays his head on his shoulder* I knew you would come back to me.

Yuki: *tenses only slightly, but stays still, not drawing away, somewhat relieved* *doesn't comment*

Akito: I'll have a servant get your things from Shigure's. *actually sounds pleased*

Yuki: *flinches, unnoticed* Thank you.

Akito: *smiling softly* You're such a good boy Yuki. I hope the others will soon learn from your example.

Yuki: *nods quietly* *hesitant* ...will...Kyo be set free?

Akito: I'll have Kureno let him out later. *doesn't care about the cat now that Yuki has finally come home*

Yuki: *very relieved* Good...thank you... *very quietly and absently* He doesn't deserve to be caged...

Akito: *tenses and opens his eyes slightly in suspicion*

Yuki: *doesn't notice since he's not looking at him, too caught up in the fact he may have done something right...Kyo's freedom and Tohru's happiness that he isn't locked away anymore*

Akito: ..he doesn't deserve to be caged... *repeats evenly without emotion8

Yuki: *blinks, hearing him and tenses* .....

Akito: *pulls back and meets Yuki's eyes. his own are narrowed slightly*

Yuki: *eyes widen slightly as he looks away, bowing his head submissively* Akito-sama...?

Akito: *glares* He is a monster. His place is in a cage. He only won our bet by chance

Yuki: *flinches* ...Yes...but if I'm staying, then there's no need to keep him locked. You said he would go free...

Akito: *scowls* ...he will go free, but he will always be a monster... an outsider....

Yuki: *nods quietly* *thinks: As long as he's free...*

Akito: *smiles again* Are you glad to be home Yuki?

Yuki: *winces discreetly, but nods quietly, not commenting*

Akito: *strokes the back of his hand over his cheek*

Yuki: *tenses and looks at him quietly, slight fear*

Akito: *smiles softly though his eyes are cold* You may have the room down the hall.

Yuki: *nods again, it not really sinking in that he's actually staying* ...thank you.

Akito: I hope you will be pleased with it. It belonged to someone very important. You should feel honored I'm letting you stay there

Yuki: *blinks, watching him* *brow furrows slightly in confusion*

Akito: You would do well to keep it maintained. *continues to stroke his cheek*

Yuki: *continues looking a little confused* ...whose... *trails off, going quiet, not sure if he should ask or not* *tenses again at the hand on his cheek, not liking the feeling*

Akito: *tilts his head slightly* What were you going to ask?

Yuki: ....Whose was it?

Akito: *laughs softly* It was Midori-san's room.

Yuki: *still looks confused* Who's Midori-san?
Yuki: *remembers the name mentioned before, as a friend* The friend you were talking about?

Akito: ...yes... the friend I mentioned... *looks a bit lost in thought*

Yuki: *watches him curiously* Akito-sama?

Akito: *blinks and looks at him again* What?

Yuki: *watches him a moment longer, then shakes his head and looks away* Nothing...

Akito: *pulls away from him completely* My head hurts. Go tell a servant to bring some tea.

Yuki: *nods quickly and stands, wanting to get out of there* *goes to the door quietly*

Akito: *doesn't watch him go and lays down on his futon*

Yuki: *steps out to locate a servant and tell them what Akito requested* *turns back to the door and hesitates, not wanting to go back in there quite yet...*

Akito: *feeling a bit sleepy, but pleased since Yuki has come back*

Yuki: *keeps in his mind that it's for Tohru...and Kyo* *steels himself and blanks his expression, opening the door again and stepping in quietly*

Akito: *already starting to drift off*

Yuki: *stays by the door, seeing him drift off* *relieved and waits*

Akito: *soon falls asleep*

Yuki: *watches and waits a few more minutes, determining him to be asleep* *sighs very relieved and closes his eyes, walking back out of the room* *wanders to the room that he was told to stay in and sits on the bed quietly, looking out the window sadly, thinking quietly* *hopes he'll (Kyo) be let out soon...*
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