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Who: Shigure, Akito, Hatori, Yuki, Kyo
What: A visit, new information
Where: Shigure's
When: A few days after last rp (Shigure/Akito)

Yuki: *up in his room as always, studying from the dreaded history book that is to become his worst nightmare for the entire length of this year's term* ... *sighs and tries to focus, already having been at it for a few hours now*

Shigure: *sitting on the porch again today, his manuscript outside and on his lap as he enjoys the fresh air while writing. Smirks as the next sultry exotic scene he writes, thinking Mii is gonna love this one. Contains a laugh*

Hatori: *in his office, writing on a piece of paper inside a folder, a large book open in front of said folder* *props his chin on his fist, the black pen filling in the long blanks of his current case*

Akito: *in her room by herself getting ready to go to Shigure's house. she slips a dark, long sleeved shirt on and already wearing black slacks. the dark clothing only makes her skin look all the more pale*

Akito: *picks up a comb and runs it through her hair before heading to the porch and slipping on her shoes. she winces a bit as the glaring sunlight assaults her eyes. frowns and rubs her eyes a bit before heading down the path to Hatori's office*

Yuki: *taps his pen against the desk as his brows furrow slightly, not able to concentrate* *sighs and shuts the book quietly, holding it off for later* *stands and stretches the kinks out of his back, turning to his door*

Hatori: *signs his name on the bottom and flips the paper he was writing on over, starting on the next*

Shigure: *smirks and sets to work on a particularly detailed part of the scene, paying special close attention to as many different adjectives he can use to describe anatomy* *completely absorbed into his writing*

Akito: *walks up to Hatori's office and opens the door without knocking*

Yuki: *walks out of the room and looks around, wondering why the house is so quiet* ... *turns and walks downstairs to the kitchen, grabbing a glass and pouring water into it* *surprised at not seeing Tohru, Kyo or Shigure around*

Hatori: *glances up as Akito suddenly walks in* *sets down his pen and stands, bowing a little* Good afternoon, Akito.

Akito: Hatori *acknowledge him* I'm going to Shigure's today and I want you to drive me. *as usual she's not asking. fully expects him to do as she wills without question*

Shigure: *continues writing in his own little fantasy driven lust-filled world...*

Hatori: *bows again* Yes Akito. *turns and grabs his keys off his desk before turning back to her*

Yuki: *finishes the water and sets the glass in the sink for later and turns, heading to the door* Might as well tend to my garden, can't let a nice day like today go to waste... *slips his shoes on, smiling faintly*

Akito: *turns and heads back out the door without a backward glance to the dragon. walking in the direction of Hatori's car and already thinking about the visit*

Yuki: *slides open the door quietly and steps out, seeing Shigure slouched over his manuscript* *raises an eyebrow, debating on the best way around him*

Hatori: *follows her, making sure to stay behind her out of respect* *opens the passengers side of his car for her*

Shigure: *hears the slide, not that far gone not to notice someone stepping out* Eh? Aa, Yuki! What a surprise! I thought you'd be holed up in your room all day!

Yuki: *winces and sighs, not avoiding it now* I'm taking a break.

Akito: *slips into the seat, gracefully as she does everything. if one hadn't been witness to her unpredictable wrath it would be impossible to think that someone so delicate could someone to fear.*

Shigure: *chuckles* Of course, rest for the scholar I see. *turns and starts to write again* I was beginning to think you were doing more up there than just studying.

Yuki: *glares at the back of his head, but holds back the remark* *shakes his head and walks around him to the path*

Shigure: Ne, Yuki... *as he's involved in his writing* You might want to stick around today. We are getting visitors and it would be awfully rude to disappear.

Hatori: *closes the door after her, then goes around to the driver's side, sliding into it and turning the car on* *pulls out of the Main House and starts to Shigure's*

Yuki: *stops and turns, facing him* Visitors?

Shigure: Aa. For tea. *smiles* Be a good boy and go up and change. *looks up at him, calm*

Yuki: *frowns* Why? *looks suspicious* Who?

Akito: *hugs her knees to her chest and looks out the window. always enjoys car rides since it's such a rare thing for her to leave the main house. a small smile plays across her face as she watches the scenery go by*

Shigure: *smiles, not betraying anything* Someone we all haven't seen for a time. *turns back to his writing* So we must look our best. Now go on up before I tell Tohru-kun about your little mishap in the kitchen. *smirks*

Yuki: *blinks* But I didn't have a mishap in the kitchen.... *confused*

Hatori: *pulls up to Shigure's driveway, turning off the car and getting out* *walks over to Akito's side and holds the door open for her*

Shigure: *meets his eyes, the look being a "of course you didn't but she doesn't know that" look* *pauses and looks up more as Hatori's car drives up. Sighs* Too late I guess.

Yuki: *turns and frowns as the car drives up, recognizing Hatori's car immediately* *tries to think what he would be doing here, he never comes for tea*

Akito: *steps out of the car and glances around. she hasn't been to Shigure's house in a long time, but little has changed. takes a step away from the car so Hatori can shut the door*

Yuki: *blanches a little, seeing Akito walk out, but doesn't show any emotion whatsoever* *stands by the porch, unmoving*

Hatori: *shuts the door behind her, then turns to look at the house as well, waiting for her*

Shigure: *sets his manuscript to the side and stands, stepping off the porch steps, his hands folded inside his sleeves. Smiles genially* Welcome, what brings the both of you here? *betrays nothing of their earlier conversation*

Akito: *her eyes narrow a bit as she glances in Yuki's direction and she smiles slightly as she walks towards the porch* Hello Shigure... Yuki... it's a pleasure to see you both. You haven't visited in so long I thought perhaps I should pay you a visit instead

Hatori: *nods towards Yuki and Shigure, staying quiet and behind Akito as she greets them*

Yuki: *stiffens, but outwardly stays calm, inwardly confused* *bows his head and doesn't comment*

Shigure: *glances between Yuki and Akito and quirks a smile* A pleasure as always to see you again, Akito....Hatori. *smiles at them both* Would you care to come in?

Akito: *smiles a bit more* Yes, we'd love to, wouldn't we Hatori? *his eyes, filled with amusement, linger on Yuki*

Hatori: *inclines his head* Of course. *glances at Shigure, wondering if he's the one that spurred Akito's sudden visit*

Shigure: *catches Hatori's glance, doing his best at innocence* This way then, I can set out tea for you. *gestures to the door and stands to the side, letting Akito precede*

Yuki: *still doesn't bother to speak, not knowing of anything he can say* *stands to the side also, letting them through, head still bowed*

Akito: *sets onto the porch and heads inside, glancing at Yuki as he passes* My how you've grown Yuki. You're taller every time I see you. Growing like a weed... *brushes passed him and walks through the door*

Hatori: *follows Akito into the house quietly, glancing around but not seeing Tohru or Kyo*

Yuki: *doesn't comment to Akito, making no show of it bothering him* *watches their backs as they walk in then shoots a livid glare at Shigure*

Shigure: *puts on his best "who me?" face* Don't look at me like that Yuki, they're our guests. We have to be gracious. *smiles and turns, following them in* I can have tea made in a bit, go on and sit down. *bows and goes to the kitchen*

Yuki: *watches Shigure next and pauses, lingering outside* *wonders if he'd get off too bad if he just turned now and went to his garden....*

Akito: *glances around the house as he heads to the living room. mentally notes that it's not nearly as nice as the main house. kneels at the table and then glances at Hatori*

Hatori: *looks back at Akito and sits in the space beside him, waiting for Shigure*

Shigure: *puts the water on the kettle to boil, preparing tea leaves. Didn't see Yuki come in, but wonders if he'll actually run or come in* *snickers*

Akito: *rests her elbows on the table and props her head on her hands. watches the door, waiting to see if Yuki dares to try to leave*

Yuki: *sighs and shakes his head, knowing he can't run* *steels himself and goes in, bypassing the table and going to the kitchen* *glares more* What is he doing here? *calm anger*

Akito: *smirks slightly and watches him pass through the living room* */He's not as stupid as I thought/*

Shigure: *blinks as Yuki "storms" in* So you stayed after all? Good choice. *turns back to the tea* And I haven't the faintest of what you're on about.

Yuki: *narrows his eyes* Of course you do... He hasn't been around here for months. Now he suddenly shows... And you were gone a couple days ago. *crosses his arms with a raised eyebrow*

Shigure: *smiles* Errands! *pours the now boiling tea in the kettle* I'm going to bring this out to them, you change into something more fitting. *his gaze lingers a moment before chuckling and walking back into the room* Tea?

Akito: *glances over at Shigure with a slight smile though no matter how kind and friendly it seems her eyes never loose their hard edge* Yes, thank you....

Yuki: *glares at Shigure's retreating back before sighing defeatedly* *goes past the room quietly and heads to his room*

Shigure: *sets the tray down and kneels, seeing Yuki doing as told. Picks the cups and serves, a small glance towards both occupants before returning the pot to the tray* *unused to this since Tohru's usually the one serving*

Kyo: *comes in through the front door non-too quietly, kicking off his shoes* *steps into the room, but stops at seeing Akito and Hatori* *frowns, looking at Shigure, not sure what to say* *wonders where Tohru is*

Hatori: *picks up a cup and sips it, glancing at Kyo as he suddenly comes in*

Shigure: *looks up as Kyo comes in and smiles, somewhat forced but brushing off the tenseness* *picks up the pot* Tea? *snickers* *somewhat getting the hang of hostess*

Yuki: *in his room and glares at the clothes, forcing himself to pick something formal* *takes a breath and calms, washing his mask over effortlessly as he undresses*

Akito: *disgust at the sight of Kyo flashes through her eyes momentarily when he enter, but is quickly masked with a pleasant smile* It's been quite a while since I've seen you... How have you been? *taunting him subtly asking how their bet is going*

Kyo: *shakes his head at Shigure before glancing at Akito, narrowing his eyes* Fine. *shortly* I'm gonna go change. *sweaty from his workout with Shishou* *heads up the stairs, still frowning deeply*

Akito: *chuckles* Such bad manners, but what more can you expect from a cat... *smiles cruely and picks up her cup, taking a sip of her tea*

Yuki: *pulls out a dark violet and black silk garb, pulling it on carefully to not wrinkle it* *sighs and thinks as he buttons the enclosures, trying to stall time but knowing he can't for long* *steels himself again as he finishes*

Hatori: *stays dutifully quiet, sipping his tea occasionally*

Kyo: *growls under his breath as he grabs a change of clothes from his closet, wondering what in the hell Akito's doing over here* *grabs his green pants and long red and black shirt, going into the bathroom and turning on the shower*

Shigure: *eyes follow Kyo exasperatedly, then back to Akito, trying to stay amiable* Give him time Akito, he'll come down looking his best for you. *smiles as the shower runs* *picks up the tray and goes back to the kitchen*

Yuki: *hears the shower run down the hall and briefly wonders who's home* *turns and goes back downstairs, a picture of calm*

Akito: *makes a sound of disbelief at Shigure's comment and then glances over when Yuki enters the living room. a small smile is in place on her lips, but as her eyes fall upon him they're cold and sharp* You must have been very busy lately Yuki

Yuki: *stays standing and bows his head* I have had many duties after school that have needed my attention.

Shigure: *comes back, trayless and smirks at Yuki* My yes, president of his class... *chuckles and takes his place next to Hatori and Akito* I remember when Aaya was in the same position, don't you Haa-san? That busy schedule.

Kyo: *showers slowly, wondering if he should go downstairs or hide out on the roof instead* *sighs in frustration, turning off the water and stepping out of the tub, grabbing a towel and drying himself off*

Akito: Of course... school is very important and you're so dedicated. It's very admirable. Your priorities are quite clear... *says casually*

Yuki: *winces, but not visibly* Yes, it has taken up a lot of my time lately. Especially with the festival coming up...

Hatori: *glances at Shigure as if to agree, not speaking so he won't interrupt Akito, not sure of her mood*

Shigure: *lifts his cup and sips, eyes narrowed and watching the scene, realizing that he might as well let it run it's course*

Akito: Oh yes the fesitival. Momiji told me about it last year. I wasn't able to attend. *glances at Hatori* You took Momiji didn't you? If I recall correctly he talked about it for days...

Kyo: *pulls on his clothes with a scowl, then towel-dries his hair, still not sure where to go* *would rather go to the roof, but doesn't want to piss of Akito*

Hatori: *nods* I took him last year.

Yuki: *glances between Akito and Hatori lightly, not liking where this is going* It was rather boring last year...probably the same this time...

Shigure: *smiles* Nonsense Yuki, the festival is tradition. And with you heading the class I can imagine you must have many things planned, ne? I doubt you'd make it boring.

Hatori: *narrows his eyes a little at Shigure, discreetly*

Akito: Yes, I have even more reason to go this year. I'm sure you'll make it quite the event. *looks at Yuki* I look forward to it...

Yuki: *stares at Shigure incredulously before catching himself* *looks at Akito* ..... Of course.... *plans on finding out what the Korean's find so tasty about Dog meat*

Kyo: *finger-combs his hair and steps out of the bathroom* *tugs at the hair on the back of his head a little before sighing in frustration again* *turns and heads downstairs slowly, not looking forward to this*

Shigure: *looks at Yuki* Aren't you honored Yuki? The head of our family will be joining your school. You should be thrilled. *open wound? Meet salt and lemon juice*

Akito: *quirks an eyebrow slightly and waits for yuki to answer shigure*

Yuki: *stares at Shigure again, showing just how much he's hated right now silently* Of course... I am honored Akito-sama. *hopes that didn't come out as flat as it sounded to his own ears*

Hatori: *glares lightly at Shigure for putting them in that kind of situation, but doesn't say anything about it* *plans to talk to Shigure later though...*

Kyo: *comes into the room slowly, eyeing the occupants at the table and wondering if it's too late to escape to the roof*

Shigure: *smiles innocently at Hatori and nods* Ah, very well. When is it Yuki? *sees Kyo enter* KyonKyon, how good of you to join us. *borrows Ayaa's barb*

Akito: *can easily pick up the lie in Yuki's tone, but lets it go... for now* *hears Kyo's footsteps and glances over. deciding that he's not worth her attention she glances at Yuki* Aren't you going to sit?

Kyo: *twitches* Don't call me that! *reflex* *sits down heavily as far from Akito as he can, scowling*

Yuki: *twitches, hearing Kyo enter now loud and clear* *glances at him then back to Akito, nodding and kneeling in his spot by the head* *hopes Shigure's question goes away*

Shigure: *watches him* Yuki? When is it? *smirks* If Haa-san is bringing Akito, it might be fun for me to get Aaya and come too. *chuckles and sits back* We actually haven't been to one in a while... *looks to Hatori for confirmation*

Hatori: *raises an eyebrow at him*

Kyo: *frowns in confusion* Where you going? *to Shigure*

Yuki: *shoots a glare at Shigure again, wanting nothing more than to walk out*

Shigure: Hm? *turns to Kyo* The festival at your school of course. Yuki was just telling us all about it. *smiles*

Akito: *drinks her tea quietly and looks at Yuki, waiting for an answer*

Kyo: *frowns, realizing they were talking about Akito and Hatori going too* *thinks: Great... just great... * *looks away, scowling deeper*

Yuki: *feels like a trapped...rat....* *sighs and looks down, reciting the date from memory* A week from now...

Shigure: *smiles and nods, taking a sip of tea again, planning on making himself show. Looks up through his hair and smiles almost lasciviously at Akito before hiding it behind his cup*

Akito: You should tell me these things sooner Yuki. It's lucky I don't have anything important planned already. You know how much I care for all of you. I like to know what's going on with you. Don't you want me to come to these things?

Kyo: *thinks: HELL no..*

Yuki: *forces out his words, trying not to hesitate* Of course...Akito-sama. I'll remember next time.

Akito: *smiles coldly* See that you do

Yuki: *looks up at that and blinks, seeing the coldness in his eyes* *flinches and nods* *more firmly* Of course.

Shigure: *glances between them and smiles* See Akito? Just a miscommunication. *glances at the clock* And now it would seem to be lunchtime, so if everyone's hungry, why don't I kidnap Hatori for a few moments and get something ready for everyone? *looks at Hatori with a smile*

Hatori: *raises an eyebrow at Shigure, then turns to Akito with a neutral expression for her permission*

Akito: *nods slightly at Hatori*

Yuki: *blinks, raising an eyebrow at Shigure like he's nuts*

Kyo: *wants to leave* *NOW*

Hatori: *inclines his head to her* Thank you. *stands, looking at Shigure and waiting for him*

Shigure: Come along then, I'm all thumbs in the kitchen even if slightly better than Yuki. You I know can cook so we can bumble through together. *smiles and goes into the kitchen*

Akito: *watches the two of them leave and then looks at Yuki again. she completely ignores Kyo's presence*

Yuki: *watches them leave, vowing to get bloody revenge on Shigure* *looks to Kyo and then adverts his eyes down, trying to be invisible*

Hatori: *follows him into the kitchen* What did you have in mind? *would much rather be back at his office*

Kyo: *happy Akito is ignoring him, scowling down at the table top and missing Yuki's glance*

Akito: And how is the other resident of the house, Miss Honda? I couldn't help but notice her absence today...

Shigure: Hmn, how about... Sushi? Easy dish to make, ne? *turns and looks at him* And enough for everyone.

Yuki: *tone flat and calm* She's well Akito-sama. She's working overtime today.

Hatori: Fine. *doesn't really care* You must be pleased with yourself.. committing Akito to attending the festival like that.

Akito: School, work and running this house full of men. It must be tiring for her. Such responsibility at such a young age...

Shigure: *blinks* Me? She's made the choice all on her own Haa-san, I haven't done a thing. She isn't a child anymore after all...

Yuki: *smiles faintly* She likes to do it, we try to help when we can and she doesn't let us most of the time... We're lucky to have her. *said quietly, glancing up at Akito*

Hatori: You implanted the idea to attend it in her head. Do you honestly think Yuki and Kyo would be comfortable with her there? They go to school to escape after all. *quietly*

Shigure: *smiles and leans back on the counter* Ah ah Hatori...She heard about the festival from Momiji, and Yuki also mentioned it himself. You know as well as I that there probably would have been a backlash if Akito was refused

Akito: Of course... it seems that most all of the Jyuunishi enjoy her presence. *sets her empty cup down on the table* And she's taken with them as well from what I've heard.

Yuki: *looks at him, brow furrowing lightly* Yes... *wonders where he's going with all this*

Hatori: True, but you didn't have to encourage her to go. Yuki will be furious with you later; Kyo too most likely.

Shigure: *looks over at him and smiles quickly, tilting his head and touching the side of Hatori's face with the back of his hand* Now where in that entire conversation did I tell Akito to go? Or tell her that she should go?

Akito: I'm sure she'd love to meet every last one of you *muses aloud*

Yuki: *still watching Akito curiously* She would...
Akito: It's a privilage that I've let her meet so many of you. I'm sure she'll be disappointed that she won't be meeting the rooster.

Yuki: *blinks* *thinks: The rooster... isn't he gone?*

Akito: *doesn't say anything more on the matter and glances at the kitchen door. wondering what's taking them*

Hatori: You never said it directly, but the implications were strong enough.

Shigure: *shakes his head* She made the decision on her own, she would have even if I hadn't said anything. *pokes him in the cheek* We'll be there too, you worry to much. You'll make yourself an old man before your time.

Hatori: *moves his face away lest he get another poke* Hopefully things won't be as chaotic as they were last year.

Shigure: *laughs and turns back to the counter* With Yuki in a dress and Momiji in the wing... How can it be even more? Now let's get this done, they're probably wondering about us by now. *smirks up at him*

Hatori: *nods and gets out the ingredients, helping Shigure with the sushi*

Shigure: *fixes the sushi and places it on a tray, taking an extra pot of tea on the kettle. Picks it up and heads back out to the joyful table, setting it down*

Hatori: *follows him back to the table, taking his place beside Akito again*

Kyo: *glances up as they come in, bored as hell*

Yuki: *looks at the sushi, feeling a little queasy, his nerves on edge by now, though not showing*

Akito: I see you managed not to burn down the kitchen in your endeavors *taunting Shigure a bit*

Shigure: *chuckles* With a capable doctor as my right hand? Naturally. *winks at Akito and serves the plates, noticing Yuki's queasiness* Everything alright Yuki?

Yuki: *looks up at Shigure* Yes, fine. Why? *flat, calm*

Akito: *looks at Shigure and yuki, intrigued*

Shigure: *glances at Hatori with a very discreet wink. Looks at Yuki* You just look very peakid, maybe you should lie down. Wouldn't want you missing school tomorrow... *turns to Akito* You wouldn't mind, would you? I can make sure he comes to visit you again. *smiles*

Hatori: *wonders what he's planning now..*

Yuki: *looks startled at Shigure, then turns to Akito*

Akito: ...Of course not. If Yuki isn't feeling well then by all means he should rest. Hatori should probably check him as well.

Shigure: Let him rest, Hatori can check him before you leave. *looks at Yuki* Go rest. *smirks*

Yuki: *blinks between them, but knows better than to protest* *nods quietly and stands* Yes, nice to see you Akito-sama, Hatori-san. *throws one more curious look to Shigure before going upstairs*

Shigure: *smiles after him and sits back down in his place, looking over at Kyo quietly* You've been quiet since you've arrived, something on your mind?

Kyo: *shrugs* Not really; just tired after training with Shishou. *actually isn't that tired, just doesn't want to be around Akito*

Yuki: *goes into his room and sighs heavily, sitting on his bed, grateful* *thinks a moment then grumbles* If that bastard thinks he's getting out of this he's wrong, he's still dog meat.

Akito: *sips some of the tea shigure brought, but doesn't eat any of the sushi. she listens to kyo and shigure's conversation. levels a bored, contemptuous look at kyo*

Shigure: *nods, seeing Akito's look. Snaps his fingers and acts as if he's suddenly had an idea* Yuki left his tea. Why don't you carry up a fresh one to him and head to bed yourself then? Unless, Akito-sama would like you to stay? *looks at her*

Akito: It makes no difference to me. The cat may take Yuki his tea

Shigure: *smiles charmingly and slides a cup to Kyo* There you are. See that he gets it, maybe it'll clear up whatever he has.

Kyo: *would normally argue, but would LOVE to get out of the stuffy room* Fine. *grabs the cup and quickly goes upstairs, relieved to be out of there* *pauses at the top, looking at the cup in his hands and wondering if he should actually go give it to Yuki or just dump it*

Akito: I hope he isn't terribly ill. I would hate to catch whatever he has and be forced to miss the festival. I am so looking forward to it... *comments with a slight smirk*

Shigure: *smiles calmly* I'm sure he'll be fine. Nothing bed rest can't fix... Right Hatori?

Hatori: *glances at him, then nods* He should be fine; I'll check on him later if he's not feeling any better.

Yuki: *rubs his head a little, trying hard to stay mad at Shigure, but finds it waning a little* Dammit, I want to be mad. *shakes his head and goes to his closet, digging through for something more comfortable*

Kyo: *huffs a little* Whatever. *goes over to Yuki's door and knocks a few times, finger tapping against the cup a little as he waits*

Akito: *nods in approval* Has he been coming to his monthly check ups?

Yuki: *hears the knock and sets his clothing choice over his arm* *is a bit nervous, hoping that's not Hatori or Akito, since he just escaped them* *debates a few moments then walks over and opens it* *blinks* ....?

Hatori: For the most part.

Kyo: *shoves the cup at him* The Pervert wanted me to bring it up to you.

Akito: For the most part? *raises an eyebrow slightly*

Shigure: *leans back easily, listening to the conversation* He should be more often, with how much he spends in his garden *sighs* Caught him in the rain more than once already. And then When Hatsuharu carried him home... *tsks*

Hatori: I have to remind him on occasion, but otherwise he's been consistent.

Yuki: *lifts a brow at him then winces a little when tea is splashed on him* ..... *glares* Clutz. *sighs and goes back into his room, leaving the door open and getting yet ANOTHER shirt from the stained one*

Akito: *frowns at Shigure's report of Yuki's health* Hatsuharu had to carry him home? He's being to reckless with his health...

Kyo: *snorts in retaliation* Asshole. I shoulda just dumped the stuff.

Yuki: *absently* At least it wouldn't be all over me. *glances at him, then goes into the adjoining bathroom, shutting the door and leaving the Cat to his own devices*

Shigure: *smiles* Oh of course. Those boys are just so competitive and he was already ill.... Tohru-kun fixed him right up though. *smirks*

Kyo: *glares at the bathroom door, giving it the finger* *goes through his own room and out the window, finding recluse on the roof*

Akito: *scoffs* Acting like fools I'm sure. Well as long as no was seen in their zodiac forms.

Yuki: *changes out of his formal clothes into his normal white and black outfit, feeling infinitely better than the stiffling feeling of the other one* *comes back out and notices him gone, going to his door quietly and locking it*

Shigure: *chuckles* though it must have been very strange to see a cow this far out of the country carrying a boy on his back. *innocently pours more tea*

Akito: *her eyes widen and snap to Shigure* What?!

Shigure: *looks up to Akito calmly, holds out a cup* More tea Akito? *smiles that infuriating smile of his*

Akito: Hatsuharu transformed in public?! *seriously not happy*

Shigure: *chuckles* I doubt out in the open. All anyone saw was a simple cow. From what I hear, he did it out of public view. *slides a cup to him anyway*

Akito: *she completely ignores the tea* He could have changed back at any moment! Who transformed him?!

Shigure: I haven't the faintest. *looks up at him with a smile* I wouldn't have worried about another transformation though. When they came home Tohru-kun was wrapped around his neck to keep him in ox-form.

Akito: *grits her teeth* It was that Honda girl then? They should have called the main house! Hatori should have brought Yuki home if he was so ill!

Shigure: *glances to Hatori then back at Akito before he can answer and calm Akito like normal* By then it might have taken too long. They were in school. *sighs* What's done is done. No use yelling about it now. *smiles*

Akito: *she glares slightly* Hatsuharu put us all in danger with his recklessness!

Shigure: And he saved Yuki from transforming in a very public place from an asthma attack. *watches her, communicating with his eyes*

Akito: *still scowling but she doesn't say anything*

Hatori: *calmly* Akito, please. What Haru did was risky, but he saved Yuki. It was probably a faster method than calling me out there as well.

Akito: ...hmph *sips her tea* There's nothing to be done about it I suppose.

Hatori: It's too late now in any case; what's done is done. *practical* *sips his own tea*

Shigure: Always the voice of reason in times of crises... *chuckles low*

Hatori: *glances at Shigure with a raises eyebrow*

Shigure: *returns the look* Yes?

Hatori: I would hardly call this a crisis.

Shigure: *raises an eyebrow, glancing over at Akito's waning anger, thinking he doesn't have to communicate that at least*

Akito: *ignoring the two of them a bit and drinks her tea silently*

Hatori: *concedes to that by dropping the subject, but inwardly wonders that Shigure should be used to her anger by now*

Shigure: *smirks and looks up* My but they are quiet, I would have thought Kyo would be stomping down here in rage after being sent to Yuki. *chuckles and mutters aloud* I wonder what they're up to...

Akito: *glances at Shigure* The cat is probably sulking on the roof as always. And Yuki did go to bed to rest

Shigure: *smirks* I suppose... *sips his tea again*

Akito: *starting to get tired* Hatori I want to go back to the estate now. *sets down her cup*

Hatori: Yes Akito *sets down his own cup and stands, ready whenever*

Shigure: *smiles faintly, gathering the cups* It was nice of you to visit, I'm sorry the boys couldn't have been here longer. *smiles and stands to see them out*

Akito: *stands* We'll just have to visit again another time, won't we Hatori? *heads toward the door* Goodbye Shigure

Hatori: *nods his goodbye to Shigure, following Akito out the door and fishing his car keys out of his pocket* *goes over to the passengers side of the car and holds the door open for her*

Shigure: *smiles and bows to her, under his breath for only Akito to hear* I look forward to it...

Akito: *doesn't spare a glance at Shigure and gets into the car. she smirks a bit inwardly*

Shigure: *chuckles and shuts the door, turning with a raised eyebrow up the stairs before going back to his study to work*

Hatori: *shuts the door for her, then goes around to the driver's side* *gets in and starts the car, backing it out of the driveway before going to the Main House*
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