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Welcome to the Zoo

A Furuba RPG

9/4/05 09:17 pm - silent_yuki

What: Akito Abuse, Lock-up, lots of angst
When: Weeks after the other?
Where: Mainly the Main house
Pages: 73 3 posts!! O.O

((This one felt good ^_^ *huggles the group*))

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8/4/05 02:09 am - dragon_doctor

Who: Akito, Hatori, Tohru
Where: Main House
When: After the last one..
What: Awkwardness, discoveries, worry
Pages: 13

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8/1/05 03:24 am - silent_yuki

Pages Total: 33

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8/1/05 03:23 am - silent_yuki

Who: Tohru, Yuki, Shigure, Akito, Kureno, Hatori as well as many random people opening doors. o.O
What: Lotsa stuff *too early for a full count*
Where: Shigure's house, mainly the main house
When: After the other one. ^^

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7/27/05 11:34 am - crazy_sexy_rin

Hey guys I just wanna tell you guys that I'm sorry if i didn't fit your ideals of Rin. Since I didn't know alot about her at this point I just used a part from the 11th manga (if you read) and modified it a bit to fit RPing with Tohru. If you guys had a problem with me you should have said so before Kyuu gave me her seal of approval, it would have saved her and me time. That's all I have to say, have a great day. ^_^

7/26/05 08:19 pm - caged_rooster - OOC

((ooc - Hullo, Foxy again. Akito and Kyo had suggested me to make a Kureno journal, so now Kureno has his very own space on Livejournal. ^^``` First attempt by myself so again, be kind.

No bio yet cause I can't find a profile on him. In fact, there's not much of anything on Kureno anywhere. So that explains the Akito background. But thanks to avataresque, I have a ton and a half of icons for him and a mood theme. ^^

Thank you. *bows humbly*))

7/25/05 11:13 pm - crazy_sexy_rin - OOC and HELLO

To like the one or two people I didn't get the chance to meet last night I'd just like to say HI! My name is Kristen and I'll be playing Rin Sohma. As of now not much is known about this girl, but from what I have been told and the few spoilers I have found so far, I will do my uber best at this. So please, to further my Rin-ness, if when RPing you see my acting not Rin-like at all, totally call me on it caues if you don't I'll keep doing it. I'm kinda like a cat that if you don't want it to do something you spray it in the face with water... It's true.
Ok that's all I got.

Later taters! ^__^

7/25/05 12:07 am - embitteredakito

Who: Akito and Tohru
What: Rest of the rp from the other day; Creepy/Craziness; very short, but good.
Where: Main House
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7/24/05 06:50 pm - mischief_mutt - OOC - First time posting this so borrowing the format.

Who: Akito, Kagura, Haru, Shigure, Kureno
Where: Main House
When: A couple days later
What: Plotting
Pages: 14

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7/24/05 12:46 am - yankee_thug

Who: Kureno and Uo
What: Semi-date; rest of the uo/kureno rp; gasp worthy ending
Where: Coffee shop
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